Sara Carbonero and the affectionate message that Ana Rosa has sent her


The concern for Sarah Carbonero It is still latent after the tremendous scare it caused when we found out last Wednesday that he had to undergo surgery urgently. The communicator was going to pass a review at the University Clinic of Navarra, after ovarian cancer that she was diagnosed with in 2019, and after a meeting with her medical team, the decision was made to operate on her. Within the usual nervousness in this type of situation, there has been a familiar face, such as Ana Rosa Quintanawho wanted to call for calm

The journalist, Sara Carbonero’s former partner during her time as a sports presenter, is an authoritative voice to talk about situations like this. She and she has not missed the opportunity to send her a message of encouragement in these moments when she needs it so much: “C”hen you have a disease you go for a check-up and sometimes there are small things to solve, small interventions», he began by saying. To continue sending her best wishes: “Let’s let him recover calmly, he’s going to recover. Thank God everything is under control.”has said.

Within the seriousness that it may entail to be operated on again, Ana Rosa calls for tranquility: «This happens because there is a process and because it is super revised. It has not been anything strange, but the doctors have understood that something would have to be done. There are minor interventions, so let’s not scare people. It can happen to anyone », she has finished.

Sarah Carbonero.

Sara is still admitted to the clinic where the surgery was carried out, but if there is one thing she does not lack, it is the company of her loved ones. There, next to her, are her mother, Goyi Arevaloas well as his sister. Obviously, the one who hasn’t hesitated to stop by is her best friend, also a journalist Isabel Jimenez. Something that has powerfully attracted attention is that it has not yet been seen there Nacho Taboada, the singer from Zaragoza with whom Carbonero maintains a sentimental relationship that he carries on with the greatest possible discretion. The musician has not appeared at the hospital at the time this article is being written.

There are still many doubts about the state of the communicator from La Mancha, but she herself wanted to provide some peace of mind by using her social networks to upload content. On the one hand, she posted an image of a Slow Love campaign -the firm she founded together with her aforementioned friend-, in which she is seen posing with pants and a sweater of the brand and, on the other, a capture from a musical theme by Valeria Castro.

At this time, the general interest is to know how he is and when he can be discharged to enjoy his life with absolute normality as soon as possible.


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