Sara Carbonero and Nacho Taboada, key visit at a delicate moment


Little by little, Sara Carbonero is resuming her routine. The journalist was operated on urgently on November 21 at the University of Navarra Clinic in Madrid, where she went for an routine check. A week later, the communicator was discharged from the hospital and did not hesitate to be the one who published a video on social networks in which she thanked all the messages of support and affection that she has received throughout these complicated days, in which she has been surrounded by her loved ones. «This video is from yesterday, minutes after I was discharged, leaving the hospital. When happiness did not fit in my chest for the mere fact of feeling the air on my face again and being able to breathe and enjoy another sunset. I’m very well. Thank you very much to all of you who have cared, for the innumerable expressions of affection received these days. They fill me with energy to move forward, ”wrote the journalist.

Her mother, her sister Irene and her friend Isabel Jiménez have been by La Mancha’s side all the time. Who has not been seen is her partner, Nacho Taboada, who has preferred to remain in the discreet background, although it is known that he has been very aware of his condition and his evolution. This same Sunday, coinciding with the beginning of the constitution bridge, it was the musician who accompanied Sara Carbonero to visit her friend Isabel Jiménez. Despite the fact that since their romance became known, the couple has maintained a discreet attitude, they are no longer hiding. Even so, they have not made statements about their romance and prefer to dedicate indirect messages through social networks, such as the words that Sara herself wrote a few days ago, in clear reference to the musician: “the eagerness of a hand that holds you tight while he plays the guitar chords of your favorite song to make you fall asleep.

Beyond his mother and sister, to Sarah Carbonero, Isabel Jiménez is one of the most important people in her life. The two journalists met more than a decade ago, when they met during their time at Mediaset News and, since then, they have become inseparable. In fact, not even the transfer of Sara Carbonero to Porto with her family cooled their relationship, quite the contrary, the two friends undertook a business adventure with the brand slow love which is still alive today.

The visit of Sara Carbonero and Nacho Taboada to Isabel Jiménez took place on same day that Elena Huelva, with whom the journalist maintains a special friendship, has confirmed that her condition has worsened. The young woman, who in recent years has become a symbol of resilience and a champion of the fight against cancer, has shared a message on her profile in which she has announced that her condition is worse.

«Things are not going well, they have found more disease in my trachea, which is very dangerous, as you know, it is where we breathe. I don’t need to say much more. I want to make it clear that I have already won, my desire has won for all the love and for the people I have by my side, I have already won. No matter what happens, I know that my life has not been in vain because I have fought and I have achieved what I want, to make it visible”, Elena said in a video that has generated a multitude of reactions.


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