Sandra Barneda, surpassed by the “Island of Temptation”

Last Monday at Temptation island debate, Sandra Barneda told the audience that the next show will be one of the most complicated shows they have seen so far. always like this. This Wednesday, we witnessed a truly painful moment, not only from the participants of the reality show, but also from Baneda himself.

Alejandro and Zoe are living in their most stressful moments, What happens when people are pushed to the limit so that they can’t control their thoughts. This is exactly what happened to the two who collapsed in front of the camera.

Sandra Barneda and Alejandro’s mother / Mediaset

The case of Alejandro is one of the most striking. The young man saw some photos of Tania next to Steven, and he was very angry when she said “now she wants to leave the island alone”. Alexander himself lost his courage and left the fire, screaming and crying. According to Sandra Barneda, this situation also caused her pain, and she had to leave the recording because she cried when she saw him completely collapsed: “I am not a person who usually expresses my feelings at work. I cried. I can’t stop crying for what we experienced at that moment.”Barneda said.

“In all the videos, Tania appears, in all the notes, the very long one, Steven. This worries me because my love for her is unlimited, and I have nothing to anyone. This feeling,” Alejandro said, convinced that there was no turning back with Tania: “I already knew that my relationship was over. I found out that he didn’t like me. I knew it was what I knew. My relationship was over. But how could he say that, but if you see me suffering every day. He said that is impressive. Sandra I don’t understand how she can say that, I gave her life, but if I Love her better than me, damn it,” he emphasized.

Image seen by Alejandro / Mediaset

This reaction surprised Alejandro’s mother and collaborators on the scene. Everyone was arguing about what caused this reaction, and Alejandro’s mother tried to downplay it: “I think he will see any nonsense, he has made up his mind…” She almost I was about to cry.

Zoe breaks into the fig tree/Mediaset collection

That night was especially difficult for the host. In addition to the difficult times of living with Alejandro, she also had to face Zoe’s critical moments. Acts prohibited by the show, this is why Barneda asked him to leave. The young woman wanted to talk to her partner Josue at all costs, and rushed into the set without hesitation, which created a tense situation. Sandra Barneda himself asked him to leave the set, but Josué kept calm and told her to calm down. A detail that also violates the rules of the game because it provides him with information.

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