Sanders is thinking of making you feel the Bern in 2024


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Old Joe Biden is 80 years old now, and even after the Democrats’ triumphant (albeit highly suspect) showing in the midterms, some on the left still believe the fuzzy-minded old liar is well past his expiration date. The putative president has made no official announcement that he will run again, but last week, at a state dinner with the fledgling 44-year-old French president, Emmanuel Macron, Biden joined in a toast. one race away from 2024. However, the 2024 campaign is still a long way off, and if the presumptive president is finally deemed too old to continue pretending to be our nation’s CEO, another prominent Democrat is seriously considering stepping in. Yes, I’m talking about Bernie Sanders.

Of course, Bernie is actually older than Joe, although rumors that he was the campaign manager for Socialist candidate Eugene V. Debs in the 1920 presidential election are false. Sanders will be 83 by the time 2024 election month rolls around, but he has a clear advantage over Biden right away: While Joe gives us more or less daily indications of his advanced dementia, Sanders seems completely sane the. Imagine that! A sound-minded Democratic candidate! But of course, the fact that Sanders is apparently still on top is no indication that the thoughts he still has are worth it.

Sanders adviser Faiz Shakir told CBS News that Bernie was seriously considering throwing his vintage Bogart-era fedora into the ring. “I guess I would take a good look at it,” Shakir said, assuming Sanders still has good enough eyesight to pull off such a feat. “I don’t want to judge for him. Obviously, it would be his choice to make. But I assume he would want to reevaluate it.”

Shakir acknowledged that the age issue is as important a factor for Sanders as it is for Biden. He said the retired communist curmudgeon is “well aware that he is older now and that he would have to make a real judgment about his own stamina and his stamina and his desire, hunger and passion to do this a third time.” . But what if it was an open field? Yeah, I’m sure he would take another look at it and say, ‘Do I want to do this or not?’

Shakir also added that Bernie would cede to fellow, albeit unrecognized, socialist Biden if Joe decided he wanted to remain the main figurehead until the late 1980s: “Personally, I take President Biden at his word and our orbit takes him to him. to say that he is taking it seriously and to assume that he is leaning towards yes” with regard to running, if that term can justifiably be used for men as old as Biden and Sanders, in 2024.

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