Sánchez does not rule out touching the crime of embezzlement without affecting the fight against corruption


Madrid (EFE)

Sánchez raised the possibility of amending this crime as part of the parliamentary debate on eliminating the crime of sedition during an informal chat with reporters at the Congressional Constitution Day reception.

Given the possibility of ERC taking advantage of the process of eliminating sedition to also request that the embezzlement be modified, he insisted on the argument of the government and the PSOE that we must wait for the amendments and the group socialist parliamentarian to be presented, I studied them.

He recalled that it will be next Friday that the deadline for submitting proposed modifications will end and that it will be then when we will know whether or not ERC is presenting any in this direction.

Until then, what the President of the Government stressed is that there will be no backsliding in the parliamentary process in the measures to combat political corruption or in the sanctions associated with it.

When asked if there could be an embezzlement change that would benefit former Andalusian President José Antonio Griñán, he reiterated his points and said he believed he had been clear enough, ensuring that there would be no turning back in the fight against corruption. .

Amendments to the reform of the Penal Code for sedition

Sánchez argued that the socialist group would also present amendments on Friday before the reform of the Penal Code for the crime of sedition, but he did not provide any details about them and called that day to find out their content.

In addition, he defended comparative law, which other government sources insisted on, citing in particular the penal codes of France, Germany, Italy or Portugal.

In any case, these sources have guaranteed that any changes that may occur will not be “a sieve”.

To differentiate what is corruption from what is not, they contrast the situation of former PP treasurer Luis Bárcenas with that of a mayor who receives European funds to digitize the town hall and who uses them to pay salaries because he has no other resources for that.

The latter case would not be corruption, say the sources, who point out that if any changes to the embezzlement were to take place, it would not affect Griñán’s situation.

Sánchez’s proposal on the crime of embezzlement, a complex work

Other executive sources consider that it would be very complex to reform the offense of embezzlement without touching on corruption cases, but they stress that the first thing to do is to speak to experts.

The President of the Government has once again defended the decisions he has adopted throughout the legislature to reduce tensions in Catalonia, such as the pardons granted to the pro-independence leaders of the process.

He believes that this policy has helped to stabilize what he considers to be one of the greatest crises of democracy, and with the elimination of sedition he believes that a new era will definitely begin in Catalonia in which politics will prevail.

For this reason, he is convinced that the normalization and stabilization of Catalonia will be an asset of his government.

The PP appoints Rufián as “the greatest criminal lawyer in Spain”

The PP rejects the possible reform of the offense of embezzlement, which the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, is open to modifying, and criticizes the ERC, and its spokesman in Congress, Gabriel Rufián, for being the “most great criminal lawyer in Spain”.

The main opposition party has been supporting for days regarding the embezzlement that Sánchez will do “what the ERC says” and this was highlighted on Constitution Day by the environment of Alberto Núñez Feijóo. For the PP, this is one more symptom of institutional degradation and of the “threat” from which, according to them, the Constitution suffers.


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