Sánchez does not go to budget votes after linking them to Bildu


The President of the Government, Pedro Sanchezdid not attend the first nightly votes on the partial amendments to the draft General state budgets for 2023, which took place this Tuesday at Congress of the deputies after the discussion of several sections of the said accounts. The chief executive was absent the same day he finished tying the approval of these budgets (the joint vote will take place on Thursday) by reaching an agreement with the pro-ETARRA of EH Bildu.

The head of government, who faced the leader of the PP a few hours earlier, Alberto Nunez Feijoo, in a control session in the Senate, did not attend the plenary session of the Congress of Deputies, where the vote continued after eleven o’clock in the evening, nor resorted to telematic voting. On the other hand, other members of the government were present who, like Sánchez, are also deputies, such as the second vice-president of the government and Minister of Labour, Yolanda Diazthe Minister of Finance, the Socialist Mary Jesus Monteroand supporters of Equality and Consumption, Irene Montero and Alberto Garzonby United We Can.

For her part, the Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030 and Secretary General of Podemos, Ione Belarra, voted electronically. This Wednesday and Thursday will continue the debate and the vote on the remaining sections. Vox is present in the hemicycle but does not take part in the vote, since he has not presented any amendments as a sign of rejection.

The circumstance is that Sánchez had no public agenda on Tuesday night and no international travel was scheduled for that Wednesday either. For this November 23, his first act shows up at 11 a.m.when he will receive the Romanian Prime Minister, Nicolae-Ionel Ciucă, at ​​the auditorium and the conference center of Castellón, within the framework of the first Hispano-Romanian summit.

The police station

The same Pedro Sánchez who promised, on different occasions, that he would not accept anything with the heirs of ETAsigned a key agreement with the Batasunos to execute their 2023 budgets. Specifically, the executive promised Bildu the withdrawal from the Civil Guard of Navarre traffic by March 31, 2023 and an investment of almost four million euros in the conversion of spaces for historical memory, among others. In addition, the policy of approaching ETA detainees continues with the aim that by Christmas there will be no more ETA detainees in Spanish prisons outside the Basque Country and Navarre.

During the government control session held in the Senate, the president of the People’s Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, criticized Sánchez that “we we disagree on budgets for prisoners nor for the territorial unity of our country”, remarked the leader of the PP in reference to Bildu and Esquerra Republicana de Cataluña. The Catalan separatists also snatched from Moncloa the repeal of the crime of sedition.

Feijóo regretted that Sánchez presented himself as a “champion of democratic cleanliness” and said he was going to govern to fight corruption, when what he did was “trying to corrupt the institutions and put them at their service and that of their partners, releasing from prison those condemned by the Supreme Court,” he added.


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