Salvini in Italy announces ‘severe crackdown’ on NGO saving Mediterranean people


Controversy continues over the Italian executive’s new immigration guidelines. Matteo SalviniGovernment Vice President and Leader alliance, has assured this Sunday that he intends to impose a “tough” policy on all organisations rescuing people in Mediterranean waters. In this sense, he assured that he would impose a “fine” and ordered the continued expropriation of their ships.

since the new arrival Giorgia Meloni as Executive ChairmanThe Italian government has launched a fight Obstructing the work of the association to save the Mediterranean migrantsamong other things, he blamed the increase in ships from Africa, which led to a confrontation between France and Italy over NGO ships.

Salvini has an infrastructure portfolio, maintain port power, the situation allowed him to pass a decree to legislate that only those deemed vulnerable after a medical examination on board could disembark. The minister has already warned that he will close ports to foreign NGO ships, as he did when he was minister in 2018.

“Intensification coming: fines, seizures and more controls,” Salvini tweeted, assuring that “the government is prepared to impose a severe crackdown on the landings.”

Italy will refer the issue to the European Union’s foreign affairs committee on Monday. The Italian foreign minister previously assured: “We must approach the issue of immigration with great calm and determination, because this problem has been going on for many years and it is absolutely necessary to solve it.” Antonio TajaniReport Eph. In Rome, they did not rule out a bilateral meeting between Meloni and French President Emmanuel Macron next week in the framework of the G20 meeting in Bali, where they could address the issue.

“Germany and Luxembourg will respect these agreements as we do. Greece, Malta and Cyprus are also united because they signed a joint statement of interior ministers with Italy because they have the same problems,” Tajani explained.

France’s decision this week to immediately suspend its immigration agreement with Italy was, in Meloni’s view, a “puzzling” response. “Some things just don’t work when it’s troubling that Italy is not the only port of landing for migrants in the Mediterranean,” he noted.

[Crisis entre Italia y Francia por un barco de migrantes: Meloni, contra la “agresiva reacción” de Macron]

Paris accepts this Friday Welcomed 234 immigrants within its borders Ocean Viking ships sailing off the coast of Italy.



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