Salt can be an ally in reducing skin wrinkles and preventing aging


Although foods with high sugar content Salt May be harmful to health and make our skin worse, sea salt is beneficial and helps us Reduce skin wrinkles And prevent aging. It will be your good ally!

So, write it down and explore how to use it to make your dermis look younger and brighter.

What effect does sea salt have on the skin?


According to Sal Roche, salt is known for its antiseptic properties, which means it helps Cleans and disinfects the skin, To promote their healing, especially when there is a wound.

Another benefit of sea salt is that it can accelerate healing, help tissue regeneration and prevent infection.

Cellulite removal

There are more benefits because if we massage ourselves with this salt, we will see how it stimulates blood circulation cellulitis decrease very much. This will help reduce skin wrinkles.

Reduce acne

If what we want is to get rid of the blemishes on the face that cause us so much trouble, such as acne, then it is good to use this salt. This is due to the fact that salt contains minerals such as calcium.

Anti-oxidize effect

This ingredient has important antioxidant and alkaline effects, so it provides a good effect and can keep the skin young. The important thing is that, among other things, it helps to remove our dead cells in the dermis.

Relieve small wounds

According to EFE, the anti-corrosion properties of this mineral Help heal small cuts, scrapes or cuts As well as the prevention and treatment of certain infections.

Now, we have to consider various things, for example, if our wounds are infected, sea water will make them worse, because there are bacteria in them, they may be counterproductive.

How is sea water used?

Some sources indicate that as a cleanser, it can be applied to the dermis, for which we will mix one tablespoon of sea salt, one tablespoon of distilled water and 2 drops of rosehip oil. We apply on the skin, rest and remove with warm water.


  • We will first test whether this mixture can cause skin irritation, and then we will use it.
  • It is worth asking whether we can always do this based on the type of skin we have.

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