Salah Abdeslam defended the Paris attack because Hollande attacked the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq

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Salah Abdeslam One of the brain The jihadist attack on November 13, 2015, On Wednesday, he appeared again before the court that tried and defended him. Slaughtered 130 people According to the decision of the French president at the time, Francois Hollande, Attack Islamic State In Syria and Iraq.

“When François Hollande (the French socialist president from 2012 to 2017) decided to attack the Islamic State, he knew that there was a risk,” said Abdelram, the only surviving member of the commando. The most known of the 20 defendants in the process.

The French-Moroccan jihadist who turned 32 today and grew up in Belgium asserted, “By making (decision to attack), The French are dying”“The least we can say is the truth,” he added, while noting that he did not intend to study the victim’s wounds in depth.

We fought with FranceOur target is the people, civilians, and we have no individual opposed to them,” he said in the face of 1,800 civil charges.

Obey the order Paris Room Bataclan, Ninety spectators of the Death Metal Eagles were killed by Kalashnikov rifles, which also proved the military intervention of Hollande government is reasonable.

Abdeslam may be sentenced life imprisonment, He has been detained in Fleury-Mérogis Prison in France since 2016. The jihadist escaped 125 days after the attack. He has been sentenced to 20 years in prison in Belgium for a gun battle with the local police.

The unparalleled 13 N macro process in French contemporary history will continue until May 2022, and will feature testimony from various media, including Hollande’s testimony in November.


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