Saitama man arrested for calling police 2,060 times in 9 days to yell at them


Quick, someone call the police!

The Japanese language tends to have many labels for various forms of harassment, from the well-known “sexual harassment” and “power harassment” to more obscure forms of abuse such as “maternal harassment” and “customer harassment”.

And now it seems that even the police in Japan are not safe from harassment. Just a few days ago, a businessman rode his motorbike into the lobby of a police station to complain about bad drivers, and now an even more bizarre incident has come to light.

According to Saitama Prefectural Police, their headquarters received repeated abusive phone calls from a man telling them they should be fired and calling them “big, stupid assholes” and “tax thieves”.

▼ They almost got arrested themselves, so our reporters would find the police rather hardworking

Even more brazen than the verbal abuse hurled at law enforcement was the fact that between September 30 and October 8, a total of 2,060 calls were made. This resulted in an average of one call every six minutes and resulted in over 27 hours spent on the line with them.

The latter figure is the most important as it would constitute an offense of obstruction of police. On November 28, a 67-year-old Kawaguchi City resident was arrested and pleaded guilty to the charges, adding, “I knew the police would come for me one day.”

▼ Report about the arrest

The motive is still unclear, but under investigation the police concluded from the suspect’s phone records that he had probably been doing it for yearsthough in recent months it has stepped up its efforts.

He doesn’t seem very cooperative with the police, so they may have a hard time getting to the bottom of it. Internet news commentators could only wonder what he might be thinking.

“Sounds like an old man with too much time and no hobbies.”
“There are many different types of people.”
“Well, now he can yell at them all day. It’s perfect for him!”
“He seems to have marketable skills as a telephone operator.”
“It’s a special kind of hobby.”
“Think what you could do with the time and energy needed to make 2,060 abusive phone calls.”

Of course, this is a terrible act that ties up police resources that may be needed to save lives, but it’s hard not to be impressed by the sheer effort and time management in what the suspect did.

By comparison, similar incidents occurred in 2019, when a 71-year-old man from Saitama made around 24,000 abusive calls to his telecommunications provider, and earlier this year, when a 48-year-old man from Saitama made around 9,000 seat reservations in train and canceled it at the last minute. However, although their number is huge, both of these cases occurred over longer time frames, over a year or two.

Perhaps some company needs to take advantage of all the powerful but buggy telephony going on in Saitama lately and set up the world’s most powerful telemarketing company while giving the local customer service centers and police a much-needed break.

Source: Sankei News, YouTube/News
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