Sainz: I perform at the level of Verstappen and Leclerc


Carlos Sainz more than happy with his latest performances for Ferrari after a slow start to the 2022 F1 campaign.

The Spanish driver, who won his first race of the season, is currently fifth in the drivers’ standings, just two points behind his teammate. Charles Leclercwho sits second.

“This year, at the start of the season, I was already 50 points behind the leaders, and it is difficult to be a contender for the title. science said.

“But if you look at the last few races, I think I’m on the same level as the top guys. [Max] Verstappen as well as LeclercI feel like I’m here.

“I admit that I paid the price at the beginning of the season, but everything is in ferrari happy with my results, they saw my progress with the car.

“It was a roller coaster, especially in the beginning. This car is difficult. Two retirements in a row at the beginning knocked me out of the championship race very early.

“Then I had a high peak at Canada and Silverstone, then a low point, then a high point. But I prefer the rollercoaster to be as competitive as it is now, not at the beginning.”

Despite its ups and downs, science went on to point out that his bosses in ferrari so far happy with his campaign.

“In any case, everyone is happy” science added.

“If I am competitive, the team will be happy. They saw the progress we made with the car. I’m not saying it’s done, or that I don’t need to make more progress and continue to feel comfortable.” and strong, but clearly the way I approach the weekend has helped.

“My mindset for the weekend is more about maximizing everything rather than trying to find something in the car that clicks in every session.”

science believes that he can challenge for the F1 title despite being more than a hundred behind leader Verstappen.

“Statistically anything is possible, my intentions haven’t changed” science noted.

“I go every weekend with the goal of winning the race, it’s been a crazy year. The top two teams don’t finish one after the other, there are a lot of changes in points and it makes me believe that anything can happen.

“It’s a different season and a lot can happen in racing.”


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