Sainz explains Ferrari’s strategy and his decision to overtake Leclerc


After a completely crazy British Grand Prix at Silverstone on Sunday, winner Carlos Sainz reversed his decision to pass team-mate Charles Leclerc when he was in leading position.

less than 48 hours later Extraordinary Grand Prix at Silverstone, the pressure doesn’t really fall on Ferrari’s side.Because the Italian team is going through different emotions, the joy of seeing driver Carlos Sainz win the first race of his F1 career, and The Rightful Rage of Charles Leclercannoyed by his team’s strategy, which saw him finish at the foot of the podium (4th).

Leclerc annoyed, Sainz wins: Comparing Ferrari’s feelings

Boss of Scuderia, Mattia Binotto, explaining to Sky Italia the reasons behind the decision Don’t let Monaco go back to the pits when a safety car entered the track and Leclerc was in the lead despite worn tyres. “Without the safety car, he will definitely win. He has a good lead (…) there is no time left. Carlos will lose more places. So we chose to stop Carlos because Charles has fresher tires and he will Staying ahead and protecting his teammates, at least in the beginning. We want the soft tires of our competitors to wear out faster. »

Ferrari therefore feared heavy losses from a double stop and saw Sainz “disobey” his team’s instructions. Because after he changed tyres, Binotto would ask him to give Leclerc more headroom by trying to slow down his pursuers. The order the Spaniard refused during the game. “Please don’t ask that. Please, please stop inventing, stop inventing. I’m stressed too,” he explained in his helmet.

After the Grand Prix, Binotto admitted Sainz did his best for the team and that the order was difficult to apply: “There was probably no way he could have made room for Charles. I think he was there for Ferrari’s victory at Silverstone. did my best.”

“Sometimes the team tells you something you don’t agree with and you just do your own thing because you really believe it”

Spaniards at the time gives his version of the facts Especially to justify his passing Leclerc in his first-round recovery. “I tried to explain to them that behind me was probably the fastest guy on the track today. If I stepped back ten meters, I might lose some suction. If he passed me, Charles would be easy prey too. So my decision was to go as fast as possible Take the lead because I know I’ll take the lead before turn 6, with a soft grip, and from there try not to detract from his race because of the lead. I ask the team: ‘Leave it to me, I’ll be as clean as possible (…) Sometimes there’s a driver’s feeling, sometimes the team tells you something you don’t approve of and you just do your own thing because you really believe it. But I have confidence in the team We played very well today and we trusted each other in this situation, as you can see. »

Carlos Sainz is now just 11 points behind his teammates in the drivers’ championship. At 3pm on Sunday, a new opportunity for the pair to shine, for the Austrian Grand Prix at Spielberg Raceway.

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