Sage Steele reportedly ‘covered in blood’ after being downed by mistaken jersey shot in PGA


IIn sports, you have to be careful if you are a fan or work at an event, especially if you are close to the action, because you can get hurt.

In the second round PGA ChampionshipSpaniard J.on the frame strikes a backhand on the 8th hole. He automatically yelled “go ahead” to be careful.

ESPN host Sage Steel was “drenched in blood” after being hit by Ram’s ball, according to one report.

“Golf reporter Jeff Shackelford spoke of an eyewitness who saw her lying on the ground, covering her nose, mouth and chin with her bare hands, and “she was covered in blood,” he wrote in the New York Post.

Steele was immediately attended to by doctors. indoors and was reportedly taken to the hospital. It also became known that the presenter had gone home to Connecticut and would not return to cover the event.

Ram’s shot was 281 yards away and traveling at 181 miles per hour.

“The blow must have been violent” added Shackelford.

There was a similar accident in Major League Baseball.

we remember Colorado Rockies reporter Kelsey Wrightwho was knocked down in Monday’s game against the San Francisco Giants.

Wright needed to go to the hospital where she got stitches.


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