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stands. When you go to a producer to pitch him a script for a show, you have to bring all kinds of documents with you: the full first episode, a brief synopsis, the narrative arc for the first season, and of course, the featured main characters. By paying attention to these, the producers must be able to immediately represent each protagonist of your story, and if in your series, there is Vladimir Putin, you will have big problems…

What kind of character is he? What is his motive? Is he a nice guy or naughty? What was its purpose and how did it evolve between the first and last episodes?

When he was young, our character wrestled. He came to the gym to learn how to deal with the hooligans nearby. Many people laughed at him. He can hardly be called handsome, and certainly he can’t attract women’s attention by his looks. For example, gymnasts sometimes train next door and don’t pay attention to him at all.

For a while, he was a taxi driver. In Russia, this is a well-known character type. Russian coachmen have been discussing politics for centuries. Putin is the first taxi driver in the country’s history to become president. He can now implement ideas he had on the road decades ago.

“Does that mean your character knows where he’s going?”

“Yes, but he didn’t tell anyone.

“So he’s a concealer?”

– yes, so much so that one day he was even hired by the KGB [les services de renseignement soviétiques].

– Oh, the KGB? This should please the audience! But what are its characteristics? »

He likes to win. That said, sometimes it takes a comedic twist. For example, when he plays hockey, hand-picked opponents get out of the way to let him score.

“So it’s a comedy?

– A tragicomedy. »

For him, the collapse of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century.and century. On the long winter nights, when western Russia was about to go to sleep, when the Russian Far East had been sleeping for a long time, he climbed into the flashy bed provided by Berlusconi and thought thoughtfully about when, in order to maintain his natural youth. , he does not need to remain anonymous in order to have plastic surgery in Switzerland. He wants to stay young forever.

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