Sabrina Carpenter Glamors in Sheer Dress at the AMAs


Actor and singer Sabrina Carpenter opted for a bold, sparkly and eye-catching dress and it did not disappoint. The music star looked mesmerizing as she joined the star-studded crowd at the event, shaking off her belongings.

The teen pop star dressed her petite body in a sparkly Oscar De la Renta two-piece that included a plaid top and a matching thigh-slip skirt. Sabrina Carpenter’s outfit featured sparkly tassels dangling from both the top and skirt. The outfit showed off her stomach and gave Instagram fans a look at her abs.

The Girl Meets World star threw a matching jacket over her outfit but draped it fashionably over her shoulders. To spice up her look, she chose to slam the blonde curls and drapes that cascade down her back.

23-year-old singer Sabrina Carpenter chose a fascinating make-up with nude details. As things went on, Carpenter had a lot of fun posing on the red carpet and stealing her stuff.

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You can check out some of Sabrina Carpenter’s photos from the AMAs 2022 here.

In a separate Instagram post dedicated to Carpenter’s glamorous look for awards night, the star took a closer look at her fiery makeup. She lowered her head and shared a piercing stare as she showcased her heart-shaped face and delicate features in a beautiful selfie. A closer look also revealed that her clothes were sheer, showing off her porcelain smooth skin.

On the red carpet, Carpenter joined Billboard’s Kenzie to share some information about her new album, Nonsense.

When asked what her favorite song is, the star shared that her favorite song is improving day by day and she currently enjoys a song called Tornado Warnings.

He revealed that “the funniest song” on the album is Single Nonsense, for which he recently shot a music video. He called the song “the dumbest song ever” and stated that he always thought it would never be released.

Carpenter is in his prime and fans have yet to see him at his best. The singer has been in the industry since her youth, learning how to be a star and now she can easily carry this title. After gaining fame as an actress in films such as Law & Order: SVU, The Hate U Give, and Emergency, and on TV, Carpenter made her debut in 2015. Her debut album, Eyes Wide Open, debuted at number 43 in the US. Billboard 200 and 14th on the US Billboard Digital Albums.


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