Rybakina’s answer to the question whether she condemns Putin’s war: I don’t understand the question, my English is not very good


Elena Rybakinarepresents Kazakhstan, but was born and lives in Moscow.

It was inevitable that the new Wimbledon champion would be asked what she thought of the war started Vladimir Putin in Ukraine.

Rybakin she managed to evade the question as best she could, but evaded the answer, like all Russian tennis players who have been interrogated in recent months.

“I don’t understand the question, my English is not very good” Rybakin – she said at the post-match press conference.

Rybakin fluent in the language, which has long been proven in the women’s professional circle.

“I represented Kazakhstan for many years, defended their flag at the Olympic Games and really feel their support. In fact, I have seen the flags in the stands,” said the new member of the All-England Winners. ‘Club.


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