Ryan Garcia is not afraid of Gervont: “Let’s kick your ass”


Ryan Garcia begins to escalate the situation in anticipation of his next fight with Gervonta Davis.

After victory Javier Fortuna last saturday, Garcia has already been hard at work making it clear that he is not afraid of his next opponent.

“Okay, let’s Gervonta come on keep that ass quick… it will hurt a little you won’t see it and we can hit the club after,” he tweeted. “Just accept the fight and your fate.

“I will not just beat the tank, I will make it so that he had no reason to be in the ring with me. Easy Easy Lemon Squeezy.

Garcia remains undefeated with a 23-0 record after beating Fortuna.

Looking forward to the fight

Garcia already warned the media: “I will record all the negotiations so that they do not say that I am avoiding a fight.”

Then it is not surprising that Garcia called immediately Gervonta after his victory over Fortune.

“Where there is a will, there is a way” Garcia added. “This fight will give me the respect I deserve.”

Gervonta wasting no time in responding by stating on Twitter, “See you at the end of the year..#TheONE.”


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