Ryan Garcia: I’ll tape the conversation with Gervonta Davis so you don’t say I’m dodging


RIan Garcia extends his undefeated professional boxing streak to 23-0 as the 23-year-old won Javier Fortuna Saturday night, knocking him over with a violent squall.

After battle, Garcia called Gervonta Davisand the pair should collide somewhere in the near future.

Both men have fought at lightweight and super lightweight in recent years. “King Paradise” insisting that in his next fight he will again compete in the 140lb weight class, with a fight against Davis his perfect match.

“I’m not going back to 135 for no reason, but I will fight. tank next at 140 pounds”, Garcia said after his fight this weekend.

“I’m going to record all the negotiations so that you don’t say that I’m evading.

“This fight will give me the respect I deserve. Where there is a will, there is a way.”

Gervonta Davis responds to Ryan Garcia

From my side Davis shared a tweet saying “See you at the end of the year”, hinting at a potential matchup against Garcia.

Bye Davis will be his first choice, Garcia also open to the idea of ​​fighting Teofimo Lopez.

“If this fight [against Davis] is not happening, which I do not see, but if this does not happen, then I want to fight Teofimo Lopez at 140″, Garcia you stated.

“Do what you have to do. Contact your team and let them know we want to fight.

“Then they send an offer, and we send an offer, and then we sort it out.”


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