Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis exchange insults: it’s funny what a coward you are

Ryan Garcia as well as Gervonta Davis already going back and forth on social media ahead of a possible fight this December.

Garcia got under Davisskin, indicating that he fought in December and the latter also fought in the same month. Davis did not miss the opportunity to answer.

While it has yet to be confirmed that the two will face each other this year, at this point it seems more likely than not.

“This is my show” Davis said. “Once again, you don’t get a painting until you’re in it.

“Unfortunately, it won’t do you any good. Buckle up.”

However, far from being afraid, Garcia strike back and have the final say, at least for now.

“I see the picture, I know exactly what’s going on” Garcia wrote.

“You don’t talk to someone naive, I just laugh at what a coward you are.

“You want every advantage, but this time you’ve got involved with someone you can’t read, trust me.”


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