Russia’s scorched earth strategy in Kherson: ‘Putin wants to turn it into a city of the dead’

Kherson was again the target of the Ukrainian war and the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, will not allow its troops to withdraw from the city causing Moscow to fail. Volodímir Zelenski, a senior adviser to the Ukrainian president, admitted this Thursday: The Kremlin wants to turn it into a ‘city of the dead’.

The government’s political adviser Mikhailo Podoljak claims the Russians are planning Bombing Kherson from across the Dnieper Have Destroyed the whole city with bombsfrom the apartment to the sewer.

“RF (Russia) wants to turn Kherson into a ‘city of death’. The Russian military is mining everything it can: apartments, sewers. Left bank artillery plans to turn the city into ruins,” Podoljak tweeted Special wrote. “This is the ‘Russian world’: they came, they stole, they celebrated, they killed ‘witnesses’, they left ruins and left.”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener

An adviser to the Ukrainian president’s office expressed skepticism on Wednesday after Russia pulled out. “As long as the Ukrainian flag does not fly over Kherson, there can be no withdrawal of troops”, he said in remarks to Reuters. Kherson was the only provincial capital to be conquered on March 1 and remained under Moscow’s control.

“Continue the withdrawal of troops and take all necessary measures to ensure the safe transfer of troops, weapons and equipment across the Dnieper,” the Russian Defense Minister ordered on Wednesday. Sergei Shoiguto the head of the Russian army fighting in Ukraine, the general Sergey Surovkin.

Action speaks louder than wordsWe don’t see any indication that Russia will leave Kherson without a fight,” Podoljak added.

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Russian retreat It’s an open secretbecause of a few days of talking The Russian flag no longer flies over the administrative building in its capital A few weeks ago, pro-Russian authorities evacuated civilians to the left bank of the Dnieper.

Surovkin, who Begin command of all Russian troops in early October In Ukraine, he accused enemy forces of bombing civilian targets from schools to hospitals. “a new one threat to civilians and the complete isolation of our troops on the right bank of the Dnieper,” the general explained.

Ukrainian army in Kherson.

liberation of ukraine

Although the latest news indicates that the fighting in Kherson is not over and that Kyiv is right to be wary of a retreat that is likely to be an ambush, Ukrainian troops continue to throw stones on the territory.

In the past few hours, Ukrainian army liberated a total of twelve settlements After Kherson was occupied by the Russians, the Moscow army said it had begun to withdraw after being under occupation almost since the beginning of the invasion.

As reported on his Telegram account, the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valerii Zaluzhnyi, Ukrainians successfully reclaimed dozens of square kilometers of territory in final hours in a region recently annexed by Russia.

“On the Petropavlivka-Novolysk front (east of Kherson), the Ukrainian armed forces advanced 7 kilometers, took control of 6 settlements and returned 107 square kilometers of territory on the last day,” he said. To Ukraine.” . Military High Command in a statement collected by EFE.

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At the same time, on the “Pervomaiske-Kherson front (south), we advance 7 kilometers, we control 6 settlements, According to local media “Ukraine Pravda”, the liberated land area is 157 square kilometers.

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