Russian ultranationalist leader Zhirinovsky, who proposed bombing Europe on New Year’s Eve, dies

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Vladimir Zhirinovsky, historical leader of The ultra-nationalist Russian Liberal Democratic Party, He died on Wednesday after a “long and painful illness,” as the Russian Duma confirmed.

Zhirinovsky’s use of populism and ultranationalism as war horses has made him one of Russia’s most prominent politicians of the past 30 years.In addition, he supported the coup attempt by Communist Party leaders against the president Mikhail Gorbachev.

His years in politics were filled with controversy and aggressive behavior, leading to ongoing scandals in the Russian Duma Attacked Orthodox priest with his cross Or pull the deputy’s hair.

bombed europe

“When I say that, Run up to her and rape her”Vladimir Zhirinovski once told his aides at a news conference that he had pointed at a reporter who turned out to be pregnant and had to be defended by her colleagues. Journalists had to be admitted after the attack.

Another recent controversy for Vladimir Zhirinovsky comes in December 2021.He called for the bombing of Europe around 04:00 and 05:00 on New Year’s Eve last year “They’re all drunk and no one can help it” As a “lesson” for imposing sanctions on Russia. nor He detailed the cities he had in mind, but he did say it was the best way to “scare” Europe.

8 vaccines against Covid

believed to be “Russian Donald Trump”Vladimir Zhirinovsky He was vaccinated against the new crown eight times Set yourself up as an example of the safety and efficacy of vaccinations and demand that the Russian population “vaccinate as much as possible.”

But the controversy doesn’t stop there. In 2003, he participated in fist fight with writers and politicians Mikhail Deliakin after the televised debate.Two years later, in 2005, Zhirinovsky sparked a fight in parliament, when spat Andrei Saveliyev, MP from Rodina’s party.

He promised to invade Ukraine

Zhirinovsky, a whole actor actress about politics, With an absolute record of six presidential candidates, He even threatened the United States with a third world war, warning that they would launch a preventive attack on the United States and target all opponents.

He also threatened to technically cause an “endless winter” in Europe, leading to starvation on the continent and mass immigration to Russia, and He promised to end the flow of Russian women to the West. He said in February 2018: “Of course ours are beautiful and capable, while theirs doesn’t know how to cook or take care of their husbands.”

same yearwarn If Ukrainians came up with the idea of ​​attacking the pro-Russian areas of Donetsk and Luhansk during his presidency, I want to place an order Invade Ukraine.

Take back Alaska

Your tone output list also includes Threats to retake Alaska (the Russian Empire sold it to the United States in 1867) and the restoration of the Soviet borders.

bring one anti-communism Vladimir Zhirinovsky is proud of every opportunity, always aligned with Kremlin policy.

In fact, last year Vladimir Putin imposed on him on his 75th birthday Order of Merit to the Motherland First Class Honours “for his great contribution to the strengthening of the country, the development of parliamentaryism and active legislative work”.

Lower the price of vodka

Vladimir Zhirinovsky Founding of the Liberal Democratic Party of the Soviet Union 1989, and presented his candidacy in the June 1991 Russian presidential election, which he won and promised Lower the price of vodka A surprising third (7.8%).

exist 1993, After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Zhirinovsky achieved the greatest political victory of his long career: His party has the most votes In elections to the State Duma, the Russian legislature that replaces the Supreme Soviet.

Since then, the LDP, already from Russia, has not ceased its representation in parliament, although it has recently been reduced in the legislature.Zhirinovski Has an absolute record of being a presidential candidatesix, while his best result came in 2008, when he received 9.35 percent of the vote in an election won by Dmitri Medvedev.

Russian-Ukrainian War


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