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Russian-Ukrainian war, live | Zelensky to “Comrade Russia”: “If you come to kill our children, we will not let you live”


215 days of war in Ukraine.

U.S. warns the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine would lead to “catastrophic consequences” after confirming Russia’s foreign ministry will provide full protection to territories it annexes after referendum, Washington has warned the process is rigged, soldiers arrive Breaking into houses in occupied territories to force voting. West called the operation a “hoax” and would not admit the results.

Meanwhile, in Moscow, Russia’s two top lawmakers have dealt with complaints about the mobilization movement — which has deployed 200,000 reservists — and ordered regional officials to monitor the situation and quickly address “excessive behavior.” In other words, quickly eliminate any protests or refusal to go to the front.

There is nothing new on the battlefield. Two drones of the Russian army attacked military targets in Odessa on Sunday, setting off fires and an explosion of ammunition. People had to be evacuated from the area. “There were no initial casualties,” the Ukrainian military reported.

[Así va ganando Ucrania: “La soga se cierra sobre un Ejército de ocupación aislado de su retaguardia y agotado”]



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