After the recapture of Kherson, morale in Ukraine remains high, but much remains to be done.president Vladimir Zelensky It makes clear that out of the 300,000 square kilometers mined by the Russian occupiers, 170,000 square kilometers remain to be cleared, so “normal” life, let alone reconstruction, remains impossible.One of Zelensky’s top advisers is skeptical that the Kremlin wants Kherson to be “City of the Dead”with explosives in apartments or sewers.

According to Kyiv, it will take a week for Russian troops to leave the area, where some 40,000 soldiers remain. At a time when the aggressor is so weak, the attempt to negotiate continues, but neither side seems to want it: Ukraine will not sit with those who invaded, killed and destroyed, and Russia is not willing to accept defeat and admit a historic mistake , and mocked at the cost of their own historic lives, isolating the country and its citizens internationally.

[El Rugido del León: Todavía no es momento para negociar con Putin]