Russian soldier raises his hand to kill a civilian: no trace of women and children who traveled with him


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Drone-recorded images of German public television ZDF’s “Frontal” programme showing Russian military attacks on civilians are a new example of order an intrusion Vladimir Putin Not only does it target Ukraine’s strategic goals, it helps to “demilitarize” the country and overthrow its legitimate government, which they call “Nazis”.

The incident took place on Monday, March 7, but the video was not released until this Tuesday, courtesy of an anonymous source.They spend two o’clock in the afternoon on the E40 motorway, a few kilometers east of Kyiv. A drone filmed the location of a Russian tank a few meters away from a gas station. Nearby, several cars were heading for the capital, but they appeared to turn around when they encountered the intruder.

One of the vehicles, which stopped and turned, was grey in color and caught the attention of the Russians. Terrified, his driver got out of the car with his hands up and was immediately shot. The soldiers ran from their positions and approached. There was also a woman and a child in the car and nothing was known about it.

Television, which made the images public, claims to have done its fair share of comparison work by talking to the drone pilot, who he said managed to find him after multiple phone calls. His basement in Kyiv. They said they didn’t want to get intoxicated by either party’s propaganda.

The growing number of civilian casualties in Ukraine has brought Putin into the spotlight as a war criminal.bombing Kyiv neighbourhoods, mines in humanitarian corridors or Attack on Mariupol maternity There are only three tests.

government Vladimir Zelensky A team has been assigned to collect material that could bring the Russian president to The Hague for accountability before the International Criminal Court.

Russian-Ukrainian War


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