Russian security forces in Mariupol killed the Ukrainian world champion, who was part of the scandalous part

Fformer world kickboxing champion Maxim Kagal died in action defending Ukraine from the ongoing Russian invasion of the city of Mariupol.

The 30-year-old man was a member of the Azov squad, and his martial arts coach Oleg Skirtu confirmed his death on Facebook.

“Unfortunately, war takes the best,” Skirtu said.

“Rest in peace brother, rest in peace, we will avenge you.”

What is the controversial unit “Azov”?

The Azov Unit is a paramilitary organization established in 2014 and incorporated into the National Guard the same year.

It is a paramilitary group with many members holding xenophobic, homophobic and neo-Nazi views.

The division is famous in Spain due to its association with Roman Zozulyawho played for Real Betis, Albacete as well as Fuenlabrada. Zozulyasympathy for such groups led to his being released from Vallecano Ray without debuting.


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