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In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, F1 executives announced on Friday that the next Grand Prix, scheduled for Sochi, Russia, will not take place. The competition was originally scheduled to start on September 25.

The war between Ukraine and Russia continues to have an impact on the world of sports.this time Formula 1 who announced an important decision. The Russian Sochi Grand Prix, scheduled to start on September 25, will not take place.

To justify the decision, the FIA ​​said it could not turn a blind eye to the current situation: “On Thursday night, Formula 1, the FIA ​​and the teams discussed the position of our sport and the conclusion that, given the In the opinion of all stakeholders, it is impossible to organize the Russian Grand Prix under the current circumstances. »

Note that the 2022 Russian Grand Prix will be the last to be held in Sochi before moving to St. Petersburg in 2023.

Location of Vettel and Verstappen

The agency also called for de-escalation of the situation between the two countries: “FIA Formula 1 visits countries around the world with a positive vision of uniting people and countries. It is with sadness and confusion that we follow the development of the current situation in Ukraine and hope for a peaceful resolution as soon as possible. »

Ahead of the FIA ​​decision, driver Sebastian Vettel It has been indicated that he does not intend to play the race, if it is to be maintained: “In my opinion, we should not go there. I will not go. I think it is wrong to play in this country. World Champion Max Verstappen[Max Verstappen’s]view is: “When a country is at war, it cannot be there to play. »


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