Russian Doll season 3: Here’s everything we know


Thourand Emmy winner Show, “Russian nesting doll,” which premiered in 2019 and returns next week with a new season.

natasha lyonnewho plays the main character Nadia, thinks that the audience will appreciate black humor after the last two years.

“Obviously it has to do with mortality, the nature of time, and, you know, family, chosen family, and all that kind of stuff,” Lyonne said.

The second series takes place four years aftern Nadia and Alanplayed by Charlie Barnett, escaped the time loop together.

This time, they each take a closer look at their past through a time portal in New York subway system.

Actor Greta Lee said this is a reality that many have faced during the pandemic.

“Literally what has happened to many of us since COVID-19 it, no matter how old you are and whether you wanted it or not, it made you stop and reconsider your life, perhaps,” Li said.

During filmingChloe Sevigny gave birth to her First child in 2020. Although her character on the show is a mother, she said the experience brought a new challenge.

“I think what I brought to it was just trying to learn how to handle a job and be a mother, which I had never done before,” Sevigny said.

“This was my first project where I learned how to come to terms with the fact that I leave the child at home and fully focus on what I am doing at the moment and being present.”

The cast agrees that New York is the perfect backdrop for the series. However, Barnett joked that not everyone was happy filming the show in Big apple.

“I think it was about the third time this neighbor threw a trash can at us, at four in the morning while we were filming outside, and I realized that this was the right place for us,” Barnett said.


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