Russian bombing on a market in Donetsk region kills at least seven

Russian bombing of Ukrainian cities Avdivkain the area Donetskalready left seven dead Nine people were injured, local authorities reported Wednesday, according to the Ukrinfrom news portal.

The head of the regional military command noted that the attack, which took place in the city’s central market, took place on a morning with an influx of citizens, Vitaly Barabas.

According to Ukrainian regional sources, Russian troops began shelling Avdivka In the morning, the impact was recorded near a multi-storey building, killing and injuring several people. In the Donetsk region of eastern Ukraine, six people were killed and another wounded on Tuesday.

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Attack on Zaporozhye

Russia’s attack on the city Zaporozhye On the other hand, after yesterday’s recorded attacks on 22 settlements, their surroundings continued, albeit without causing casualties.

Kyiv also reported new attacks on energy infrastructure in the central part of the country, adding to the third consecutive day of bombings targeting critical infrastructure.

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Meanwhile, fighting in the region continues Kherson Russian troops continued to bomb Ukrainian positions to contain a counteroffensive across the line of contact.

At the same time, the Ukrainian Armed Forces liberated five other settlements in the Belislav district: nova silvka, novo rikhorivka, don’t go Kamyanka, trifonivka Yes chervil.

Russian-Ukrainian War