Russian Army Size: How Big Is It Compared to Ukrainian Forces?


Russiainvasion Ukraine caused shock waves around Peacewith Vladimir Putin transferring his troops to a neighboring country early on Thursday morning.

During the day there were explosions. Ukraineace Russia hopes to flex its muscles in terms of its military.

How big is the Russian army?

in Russian military you have 900,000 active duty troopsmaking it the fourth largest army on the planet, while the reserve force is as much as two million people.

Russia listed as having over 4,000 aircraft and 1,500 helicopterswhile they are also reported to have 13,000 tanks, 27,000 armored fighting vehicles and almost 6,000 artillery self-propelled guns.

As for the power of the country at sea, The Russian fleet has 600 ships.including one aircraft carrier, 15 destroyers and 63 submarines.

How big is the Ukrainian army?

armed forces of Ukraine consists of 361,000 soldierswhich is the second largest in the region after Armed Forces of Russia.

Capable citizens of Ukraine were offered to register after Russiainvading the country like the president of the country, Vladimir Zelenskyyou have declared martial law.

“Everyone in the Russian Federation who has not lost his conscience, it is time to protest against the war with Ukraine,” said Zelensky.

“I told [US president Joe] Biden, [UK prime minister] johnson, [president of the European Council] Charles Michael, [Polish president Andrzej] Doubt, [Lithuanian president Gitanas] Nausea.

“We started collecting anti-Insert coalition. I’ve already called on world leaders to clap Insert with all possible sanctions, provide extensive defense support and close the airspace over Ukraine for the aggressor. Together we must save Ukraine, save the democratic world, and we will do it.”

UkraineRussian troops have eight years of combat experience Russia and his separatist allies.


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