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Russia won’t finally abandon the space station in 2024

Following the conflict with Ukraine, Russia has been hit with multiple sanctions and suspended partnerships on various scientific projects.In early weeks after conflict, space agency Roscomos questioned its involvement in costly maintenance International Space Station (ISS).

Between the proud reaction and the judgement of interest, knowing that other orbital station projects could cooperate with China, this post made NASA sweat, especially since the director of the Russian agency Yuri Borisov seemed to indicate that Russian cooperation was not beyond 2024.

However, as of that date, NASA has not received any reports of Russian cessation of support.On the point about the task Crew 5 For SpaceX, the heads of U.S. and Russian agencies want more reassurance about the interpretation of the remarks.

The partnership is guaranteed until 2024. Then we wait and see!

If Russia functions normally before 2024, it does not mean that cooperation will be interrupted later. The Russian agency, which did not commit to 2030 as NASA had hoped, now says the end of its support will depend on technical conditions and an assessment of the situation.

So Roscomos won’t necessarily cut ties with the ISS after 2024. Meanwhile, Russian cosmonaut Anna Kikina will be one of the astronauts sent to the space station on the occasion of the Crew-5 mission in late September or early October.

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