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Russia-Ukraine war, live | Zelensky argues that Russia is trying to delay its defeat in the war


216 days of war in Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed on Monday that Russia was trying to delay the defeat of the war that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered to begin on February 24. “They feel like they’re going to lose, and They just want to delay the momentto ensure at least some activity on the front lines,” Zelensky said in his nightly daily video for Ukrainian citizens.

Zelensky thus referred to the recent territorial losses recorded by the Russian army and the announcement of the call-up of hundreds of thousands of Russian reservists, a measure that has sparked a social crisis with thousands of residents leaving the country.

In this sense, the Ukrainian president accused the Russian army of sending its citizens to death. “Although the war against Russia and Russia is clearly pointless The occupiers lost the initiative, the command of the Russian army still led to their deathshas been announced.

“Russia’s attempts to keep attacking in the Donetsk region will surely go down in the history of the war. One of the soldiers’ most cynical murders,” he criticized Moscow for depriving its citizens of “the most important thing: the right to life.”



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