Day 264 of war in Ukraine.

The G20, already underway in Bali, Indonesia, has drawn up a document condemning the war that has been signed by a “majority” of countries. Ukraine is not a member, but its president, Volodymyr Zelenskyhas intervened to affirm that “it is the moment in which the war must and can be stopped”.

Zelenski has intervened telematically from kyiv, on his return from Kherson, where this Monday he wanted to see first-hand the ravages of the passage of Russian troops and sent a message of hope to his people. The national flag is already waving again in its squares and in its institutions. From there he said “we are ready for peace throughout the country”.

“We will not allow Russia to take a breather, rebuild its forces and then start a new episode of terror and destabilization,” the president told the G20 leaders, including the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei LavrovIn absence of Vladimir Putin.

This Monday, while Zelensky visited Kherson, in Bali The presidents of the United States met Joe Bidenand China, Xi Jinping, with Ukraine as one of the central issues. The director of the CIA, William Burnswas in Turkey with the head of Russian intelligence.

[Zelenski habla de ‘paz en todo el territorio’ mientras sus tropas amenazan ya Crimea al cruzar el Dnipro]