Russia Ukraine News Live: Russia Denies Plans to Occupy Ukraine – February 25

TThe second day of the conflict goes to Ukraine despues de Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to invade the country on Thursday, February 24th. There have already been many casualties on both sides. Russia continues to move into Ukraine. Early hours of this morning Ukraine saw a number of attacks undertaken Russiawith the capital Kyiv coming under threat. Stay tuned to this live blog for all the key information about the conflict between Ukraine as well as Russia.

invasion Ukraine to Russia began on five different fronts with rocket launches and mobilization of ground forces on the territory of Ukraine, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky reports that at least 137 people were killed and 316 injured.

How far is Russia from the US and UK?

The distance between them is 5610 km. Russia And United Kingdomand between them 8881 km. Russia And United States of America.

12:30 GMT: Russia denies plans to occupy Ukraine

RussiaForeign Secretary, Sergei Lavrovdeclared that “no one plans to occupy Ukraine“, reports the Russian independent news agency Interfax.

12:00 GMT: Four million people will leave Ukraine

in United Nations Refugee Agency predict that four million people may flee Ukraine to other countries “in case of further aggravation of the situation”.

11:30 GMT: Russia plans to circumvent economic sanctions

The West imposed economic sanctions against Russia after their invasion Ukrainebut RussiaThe Ministry of Economy said they are working on measures to minimize the impact, including plans to expand trade and economic ties with Asia.

11:00 Moscow time: damage in Kiev

Lots of wreckage Ukrainecapital Kyivafter airstrikes Russian forces.

Residential building damaged in Kiev

10:30 GMT: What happens if Russia takes Kiev?

Russia made a concerted effort to try to demand capitalexplosions are heard in the city, but What will happen if Russia captures Kiev?

10:00 GMT: Russia could be cut off from Swift

FranceMinister of Finance, Bruno LeMaireyou claimed to be cutting Russia from Global interbank payment system Swift is one of the methods that can be turned on if there is no progress.

“This is the last resort Fastbut this is one of the options that remains on the table,” said Le Maire.

09:30 GMT: UK flights banned in Russian airspace

Russia responded to a broad package of sanctions by UK government limiting the use of its airspace for all British flights, including transit ones, the RIA Novosti news feed reports.

09:00 GMT: Ukraine calls on citizens to resist after Russian troops entered Kiev

Russian forces make their way into Kyiv, Ukrainecapitals, and this led UkraineThe Russian Defense Ministry calls on citizens to resist.

“We call on citizens to inform us about the movement of troops, make Molotov cocktails and neutralize the enemy,” the message says. UkraineMinistry of Defense Facebook page.

08:30 GMT: Russia plans to seize all of Ukraine

in United Kingdomdefense minister, Ben Wallaceannounced that this is the belief of the nation Ministry of Defence this Russia will try to invade everything Ukraine.

“Russian forces have probably taken over the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. It is reported that the workers were detained by Russian troops, ”the message says. British Ministry of Defensetweet.

Armed Forces of Ukraine reportedly stopped Russiaattack on Chernihiv. Probably fighting continues on the outskirts of the city.

“It’s hardly Russia You have achieved the military objectives planned for the first day.

“Ukrainian forces put up fierce resistance in all directions Russiaprepaid expense”.

08:00 GMT: Zelensky’s address to the Ukrainian public

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky just after midnight, delivered a video message to the nation telling the public that they would have to fight this war alone.

“We were left alone to defend our state,” he said. Zelensky.

“Who is ready to fight with us? I don’t see anyone. Who is ready to give Ukraine a guarantee of NATO membership? Everyone is afraid.”


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