Russia threatens to cut off gas to Europe: ‘We have every right to retaliate’


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Russia has threatened to cut off gas supplies to Europe.Later Sanctions applicable to the countryby the European Union, after ukraine invasionRussia believes it has every right to take measures if sanctions are imposed on its energy exports, such as a ban on gas reaching Europe via the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said on Tuesday. transport.

“Today, Europe consumes about 500 billion cubic meters of natural gas every year, 40% of which comes from Russia. For decades, Russia has been a reliable partner no matter what. Even now, Gazprom is fully complying with its contractual commitments to deliver gas to Europe,” the deputy prime minister said in remarks reported by Interfax news agency.

Novak noted that the volume of freight through Ukraine has increased to 109 million cubic meters per day, which equates to about 40 billion cubic meters per year to Europe.

“This is through the border crossing in Ukraine and it is 100 percent done until today. Also, the delivery is through North Stream 1, Yamal – Europe, TurkStream and Blue Stream,” he added.

“At the same time, we are aware of the unfounded accusations against Russia regarding the European energy crisis and the Nord Stream 2 ban, We have every right to retaliate And there is an embargo on the gas pumped through Nord Stream 1, which is now 100% full,” he stressed.

Novak stressed that the decision had not yet been made, and said that despite the claims and accusations of European politicians that are driving us towards this goal, in the mutual sanctions on gas “no one is going to win (…) “.

“Unfortunately, today we see European politicians Statement on Energy Issues, Urge to get rid of Russian oil and gas. European officials are again trying to blame Russia for their problems and the mistakes of their energy policy in recent years,” he said.

“Therefore, we observed Energy prices soar. I declare responsibly that Russia has nothing to do with the current price increases and market volatility,” he added.

Russia currently transports about 60 billion cubic meters of natural gas annually through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline.

German Chancellor Olaf Schultz announces after Russia invades Ukraine Suspend certification of the planned Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, Completed last year at a cost of 10 billion euros, it will supply Russian gas directly to Germany.

Russian-Ukrainian War


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