Russia says it will continue to supply gas to Europe despite Lukashenko’s threats


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this The open crisis between Belarus and Europe It is already known that new tensions have emerged this Thursday, when Lukashenko threatened to leave the EU without gasolineIf the EU adopts new sanctions, it will cut off Russia’s supply. However, this Friday, Russia has promised that Will continue to supply natural gas to Europe According to the signed contract.

The spokesperson of the Russian Presidential Palace Dmitry Peskov said at a daily telephone news conference: “This statement has not yet been agreed (with President Vladimir Putin).”

The day before, Lukashenko threatened Europe to shut down natural gas and commercial transportation in response to the imminent community sanctions imposed on his regime. “We heat Europe, they threaten us to close the border. What if we close the gas cock?“Lukashenko pledged at a government meeting.

In this regard, Peskov said that Russia will continue to fully fulfill its commitments to European consumers.

“Putin has already said Russia has always kept its promises“, he insisted, adding that even though Belarus is an ally of Russia, it is also a sovereign country that can issue an independent declaration.

Lukashenko threatened Brussels’ fifth sanctions against Minsk yesterday Due to the immigration crisis on the border with PolandSince Monday, thousands of migrants from the Middle East have gathered to enter European territory.

around 20% more natural gas than the Russian gas monopoly Gazprom The European consumers are drawn to transit through the territory of Belarus. Approximately one third passes through Ukraine, and the rest passes through the Nord Stream natural gas pipeline. When Nord Stream 2 is put into use, the volume will increase.


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