Russia says it used an online-rented fertilizer truck in Crimea attack


the driver Vehicles that exploded at Kerch Bridge (Crimea) on Saturday have a task transport fertilizer Trucks rented over the internet. A source in the Russian security forces confirmed this to the Russian newspaper RBC. According to this source, Truck driver ‘was exploited, that is, he allegedly had no knowledge of planned terrorist attack’pick up the middle.

The first version of this attack was given by Russian State Anti-Terrorism Committee. The agency issued a statement saying a truck exploded in the driveway of the bridge, Seven fuel tankers towed by train burn On the parallel railway line to Crimea.

It is unclear whether the truck driver who died in the explosion knew there were explosives in the vehicle. exist Video recorded by surveillance cameras on the bridgesaw a large fireball that seemed to consume multiple vehicles. A small car and a tractor were seen driving side by side in the explosion. The action resulted in the partial collapse of two sections of the bridge.

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Explosives experts from the local unit of the Federal Security Service (FSB) are working to determine the nature and origin of the explosives.Likewise, andthis sunday, A team of divers will assess the structure of the bridgea two-part collapse occurred on the car road.

more unknowns

According to the Mash medium, Trucks were visually inspected before crossing the bridgebut the agents performing the work found nothing suspicious. The outlet posted a video on its Telegram channel in which the vehicle can apparently be seen being inspected. despite this, Supervision does not include X-rays.

This medium ensures that the truck can be driven by the owner’s uncle, Majir Yusubov, 52.

The Telegram Baza channel in turn broadcasts a video Nephew Samir Yusupov25 years old, in which he states “It has nothing to do with what happened on the Crimea bridge”.

Bazaar said his relative’s house was searched, but he was abroad. In the past month, Truck found in Krasnodar regionAccording to media reports, Magir, a resident of the neighboring Krasnodar region, has not contacted his relatives for several days.

They are installed at the entrance of the bridge Special equipment that should theoretically detect explosives in vehiclesaccording to independent media Meduza.

Kremlin response

For President Vladimir Putin, who presided over the opening of the bridge in 2018, the explosion was a total offense, underscoring his Attacks in Ukraine are currently out of control.

The explosion was another symptom of overwhelmed Russian troops. Invading forces fail to protect bridgedespite being the epicenter of the war, its personal importance to Putin, and its powerful symbolism as a literal link between Russia and Crimea.

Hours after the explosion, Kremlin appoints General Sergei Surowykinanother new commander to oversee his troops in Ukraine. Past leadership reshuffles have done little to correct the army’s faltering performance.



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