Russia mobilizes 60,000 reservists against Georgia: Wagner Group already in Donbass


The so-called withdrawal of Russian troops was actually a “secret mobilization”.This Armed Forces of Ukraine believe in real goals Vladimir Putin moved to the country “About 60,000” reservists continue A war that lasted 41 days.

“Russia’s political-military leadership has taken steps to covertly mobilize reservists and transfer military units to the country’s military situation,” army general staff Ukrainian via messages on his account on the social network Facebook.

Therefore, he said, “When selecting candidates, priority is given to those who already have combat experience.” “The main mobilization areas are also defined: Krasnodar, Perm, Dagestan, Ingushetia and Kalmykia,” he stressed.

“The main motivation of Russian reservists remains material promotion. In addition, participants in the war with Ukraine can spread among the population Improve your financial situation Through the phone trophynamely looting and looting,” he explained.

On the other hand, he stressed that in the past 24 hours, the Ukrainian army repelled seven attacks in the Ukrainian region. Donetsk and Luhansk He added, “Air Force aviation continues to bombard areas where enemy forces are concentrated, columns of military equipment and logistics centers.”

Kharkov bombing

Russian troops have begun withdrawing from their positions in the besieged Samui region in the northeast of the country, with assurances that no invading forces remain, according to the region’s governor. although, Kharkov continues bombingwhich killed at least three people and injured seven others on Monday.

Attacks also took place in the cities of Novovorontsovka, Mariansk, Mikolayev and Odessa in the south of the country.In this last city, the second missile attack in the past two days has been registered, following Sunday A fuel depot was hit.

The British Ministry of Defence is responsible for preparing daily situation reports and intelligence information to ensure that Moscow continues to restructure its forces, focusing on the Luhansk and Donetsk provinces, which together make up the Donbas region (east). Russia assembled regular troops and mercenaries there, including the Wagner Group, The EU has accused it of war crimes.

This information is consistent with that provided by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.For its part, Russia has announced its forces 14 Ukrainian military targets destroyedincluding two command posts, two anti-aircraft missile launchers, two artillery depots, three fuel depots and six fortifications.

war party

“Russian air defense defenses shot down six drones near the cities of Mikolaev, Kherson, Kukharovka, Industrie Noye and Veliky Novselka,” a spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry said. Igor Konashenkovin the daily report on the progress of Ukraine’s “special military operation”.

Odessa also recorded a new missile attack, the second in two days since the start of the Russian invasion, the consequences of which are also being assessed, announced Sheryl Blachuka spokesman for the Ukrainian Regional Military Administration on his Facebook page.


Ukrainian authorities on Monday reopened several humanitarian corridors to evacuate citizens from besieged areas punished by Russian troops, especially in the south Mariupol In the Luhansk region, a self-proclaimed sovereign republic recognized by Russia.

A corridor was rebuilt on Monday to evacuate citizens from besieged Mariupol, Ukrainian Vice President Irina Vereshchuk reported on her Telegram channel. Over 100,000 residents remain Barely any supplies, were moved to Zaporozhye city.

The vice-president explained that such transfers had to be carried out in private vehicles, and he confirmed yesterday that they managed to evacuate 469 city residents along this corridor.

West wants more sanctions

Faced with all these developments, and after images of civilian deaths in Butcha, EU will prepare “as a matter of urgency” New sanctions against Russia After it condemned in “the strongest terms” “atrocities” by the armed forces of the invading country.

Twenty-seven countries stand with Ukraine, and they will continue to “firmly” support the country, while preparing new sanctions and helping to gather evidence to bring those responsible for the “massacre” to justice. European diplomacy, Joseph Borrellhe referred to “disturbing images” of civilian deaths in various locations.

EU ‘full’ support for EU-initiated investigation Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court War crimes and crimes against humanity, and the work of the Commission of Inquiry of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.

And the French President, Emmanuel Macrondescribed what happened in Boucha as a “war crime” and proposed an embargo on Russian oil and coal, and will seek a European deal in the coming days.

German Defense Minister, Christine Lambertarguing that the European Union should consider a ban on imports of Russian gas after the massacre of civilians uncovered after Russian troops evacuated the Ukrainian city of Buccha.

“There has to be a response. Such crimes cannot be ignored and Putin has to be aware of that,” the minister told German public television ARD.


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