Russia manages to slow Ukrainian offensive with bombing, but starts to withdraw from Kherson


nearly a hundred hours later General Surowykin wants to show his savage attack in society, by the way, in retaliation for the insult of the Kerch Bridge explosion, Russia has not managed to advance a kilometer on either front.If the target is Change the dynamics of the war and go on the offensivethere is no sign of this change anywhere: we know that Russia is trying to break through the Ukrainian lines west of Kreminna to prevent the Axis from taking over with Svatov, but to no avail.

We also know that they follow Continued attacks on Bakhmut suburban neighbourhoods (Artmivsk), in the Donetsk region, but again, after weeks and weeks of trying, the conquest is measured in the streets. Now there are bloody attacks in residential areas across the country, killing 20 civilians, and have nothing to do with the situation on the battlefield. In fact, the last thing we learned through Reuters was that pro-Russian officials in Kherson had asked Moscow to withdraw from the capital as soon as possible given the imminent Ukraine offensive.

There have also been rumors in the past few hours that Possible attack from Zaporozhye, up the south bank of the Dnieper, against the Energodar nuclear power plant, although the expected counteroffensive against Melitopol continues to be delayed. The truth is that the war is currently in a phase of resource and personnel transfer, damage repair, and threats from all sides, but few facts. It is impossible to predict where the waves will break in the next few days.

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infrastructure bombing

It must be admitted that although Russia fails to turn the tide, at least it has managed to slow Ukraine’s progress. The desperation of the past week has given way to a situation of tension and calm.This Bombing is rare and fighting,even more. On the Russian side, as we said, some mobilized people have reached the eastern front, although, as expected, without the necessary training for such operations, which can lead to undisciplined behavior and lower morale, as well as their efficacy.

Also, as a new logo, Short-term goals remain defensiveFor days, pro-Russian media have been publishing images of the “Maginot Line”-style mass excavation that France tried to use to defend itself from Germany during World War II. As reported by the media, these long defensive terrains correspond not in principle to the Svatove area, but to the Lisichansk-Zolote axis, which in practice almost means a return to the 2015 border.

In 2017, Surovikin received a medal from Putin for his role in the Syrian war.


assuming it’s good The initiative remains on the Ukrainian side, it is necessary to qualify some issues: from the very beginning, the bombing of rear infrastructure – not civilian buildings, just to fuel terror and propaganda – has opened the frontiers of Ukrainian attention no more.This Damage to power plants, generators and cisterns Not only does drinking water make life difficult in cities, it also forces resources to be diverted from the front lines.

The problem when analyzing the results of such an attack is that the effect is not immediately visible. This time, Russia appears to be thinking in the medium term, beyond the current urgency. This time, Russia, and Surovikin in particular, may recognize an enemy in the Ukrainian army that can be matched, rather than a simple insect to trample. Ukraine has been shelling the Russian rear for months this summer and is in no rush to advance. Suddenly, one day in September, the front collapsed, and the whole army came at once. There is no doubt that this was the intention of the Russians, which seemed better than simply resorting to brute force. Another thing is that it certainly works.

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Directions to Svatov and Melitopol

On the Ukraine side, The consequences of the huge moral blow remain, and the memory of all those caught and overcome during last spring’s brutality…and the belief that things like Monday can’t be repeated due to resource issues. Russia is estimated to have spent nearly $1 billion on missiles in one go. Repeating this type of exhibit is not within your financial reach right now, in fact, it may be necessary to have a lasting impact.

Despite the pro-Russian message, There is no evidence that the local army has lost the gained territory In the Luhansk region (Makivka, Torsk…), the order to advance to Kreminna and Svatov is still pending, seeking final control of the disputed P66 highway, which will Enables them to reach the Sievierodonetsk-Lisichansk axis without crossing the Donets. Last Sunday, it seemed like a matter of just a few hours, but as we said, plans changed overnight.

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In the south, in addition to the aforementioned attack on the capital Kherson, the Russians were afraid to advance towards Vasilevka. It also seemed the most logical course of events last weekend, and action had to be delayed. From Vasilivka, Ukraine has direct access to the aforementioned Energodar nuclear power plant, which will take up energy resources, and at the same time, it can advance via E105 towards Melitopol and Crimea, splitting the territory in two at the beginning of the invasion Occupied by the Russians for a few days.

these two Attack on Svatove as attacking direction Vasilivka-Melitopol They take huge risks and can only face a 100% guarantee of success. Otherwise, the Ukrainian army could easily be trapped. It seems that all Surovikin has to do now is buy time. The next week will be critical to see if Monday’s movement actually stabilizes the fronts awaiting the arrival of mass mobilizations, or, on the contrary, if there is a sudden collapse like those in Kyiv, Kharkov or northern Kherson. If we’ve learned anything during these months, it’s that Russia always looks weaker than it looks on the ground… a lot of Weaker than its propaganda repetition.

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