Russia kills Kyiv by occupying Hostomel airfield and destroying an air base


Russia has stepped up airstrikes on cities near Kyiv as it encircles Ukraine.this Saturday Launched missiles are multiplied be opposed to towns like Vasilkovabout 30 kilometers from the capital.

The blast has reached the city air base southwest of Kyiv. They also destroyed an electronic intelligence centre in Brovary, east of the capital, according to the spokesman. Russian Ministry of DefenseMajor General Igor Konashenkov.

“High-precision long-range weapons attacked Ukrainian military targets According to Russia’s TASS news agency, the soldier said that on the morning of March 12. “A military airfield in Vasilkov and the main electronic intelligence center of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in Brovary have been taken out of service,” he said.

What the Kremlin calls ‘precision’ bombing is becoming modus operandi Russian invasion. Since Friday, Vladimir Putin’s push has been based on firing missiles at cities in western Ukraine, bring the attack closer to the border from Poland and Romania.

With the expansion of the front line, Vladimir Putin They also approached two nuclear power plants: Rivne and Khmelnitsky. If on the 16th day of the invasion there were bombings in the cities of Lutsk and Ivano-Frankivsk, this Saturday they will focus on Vasilkov.

Departure from Hostomel Airport.

dead zone


Russia’s strategy has focused on seizing strategic points that would stifle Kyiv before launching strikes that ultimately defeat Kyiv.In addition to these recent cases, on 24 February, the same day the invasion began, the troops captured Antonov Airport, In Hostomel, 40 km from the capital of Ukraine.

So, as happened on March 2, the war also succeeded in lowering the “psychological” score of the Ukrainian population.Then Moscow troops attacked the country’s TV control tower They occupied another important city such as Jersón.

Air raid on Hostomel airport, very close to Kyiv.

Reports from Kyiv and other cities paint a bleak picture.While Ukrainian soldiers performed better than expected and managed to keep Russian troops out, President Putin continued to focus on the capital, a strategic location and satellite imagery for his offensive Showing their troops near Kyiv.

But Russia’s advance struggled to make headway against Ukrainian resistance.ground force deployment Failed to achieve the goals Moscow set for itself Obtained at the start of an invasion.

loss for both parties

President of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky reported on Saturday in a video broadcast on his Telegram channel that 1,300 members of the Ukrainian Armed Forces died The Russians say they have lost 12,000 soldiers since Russia launched its military offensive on February 24.

“We’ve lost about 1,300 soldiers,” Zelensky said at a news conference with international reporters, where he gave the military casualty figures for the first time, according to the Uniian agency.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at a news conference in Kyiv.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at a news conference in Kyiv.


“We have about 1,300 soldiers dead, and Russia lost about 12,000 people. 1 to 10. I’m not happy about their 12,000 deaths,” he said.

Zelensky explained that he was unhappy “because Russians also have parents” and that most Russian soldiers are generally ignorant, “they go to Ukraine because They were told about fighting fascism“.

“Heavy losses.” Those were the words Zelensky used to describe the number of Russian casualties on the front lines.the president emphasized Difficulties encountered by the Russian army After 17 days of fighting, control the country.

“The losses of the Russian army are enormous. The dynamics of the loss of the invaders on the 17th have been such that we can say with confidence: this is Biggest blow to Russian military in decades. They have never suffered so much in so many days,” Zelensky said.

According to the Ukrainian president, since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, 31 tactical groups of the Russian battalion They have lost their fighting ability.

“The Russian army surrendered not only individually, but as a whole … the loss of the technical capabilities of the invaders they are awesome“, he stressed.


one of the greats Allies Ukraine must repel the attack combat drone Bairaktar TB2. Supply problems combined with resistance from the Ukrainian people have left the armor in many cases nowhere in sight. The drones killed a convoy last Thursday.

Ukraine has them since 2019, and has now purchased 50 more from the Turkish company of the same name. Each is priced between $1 and $2 million.

Bairaktar TB2

Bairaktar TB2



In addition to the 12,000 Russian soldiers killed in the battle, Zelensky stressed that they have been able to end the “military”Over 360 tanks. A total of 1205 armored vehicles. There are already about 60 aircraft. More than 80 helicopters. Hundreds of units from other teams. Especially the most modern designs that Russia is proud of,” he said.

If it is already difficult for Moscow to advance by land, the difficulty will increase in the coming days.Ukrainian President recently ordered Withdrawal of peacekeepers It has been deployed in different UN missions.

Already 250 soldiers and 8 helicopters from Democratic Republic of Congo.

UN spokesman Stéhane Dujarric has made it clear that Minusco soldiers will also join 22 gendarmerie and 26 civilian staff Take part in five other peacekeeping missions around the world.

Although Ukrainian soldiers are currently doing better than the Kremlin had hoped at first, Putin still obsessed with controlling Kyivthe strategic location of its attack.

The missiles have yet to reach the capital, but that appears to be the only way for Russia to seize the city at the moment. Zelensky himself is aware of this, saying on Saturday that Russia can only take control of Kyiv if it “destroys the city completely”.

Russian-Ukrainian War


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