Russia ignores the missile crisis with a new attack on Ukrainian infrastructure


Russia hits Ukraine in the only way it has left, which is by attacking the energy infrastructure. On the battlefield she does not gain an inch of ground. In fact, she keeps losing it and accumulating defeats, Kherson last. Overcome the ‘missile crisis’ as a result of the S-300 that killed two people In the Polish town of Przewodow, the Kremlin continues to try to break the spirit and the will of the Ukrainians by leaving them without electricity or water. This Thursday, new explosions.

The Prime Minister of Ukraine, Denys Shmyhal, has specified that the Russian offensive in recent hours is aimed at gas production facilities and a missile plant. “Missiles are flying over kyiv and Dnipro – the fourth most populous city – right now,” he reported. Before it was Odesa and also Zaporizhia, with a balance of two dead and several wounded. These attacks on civil heritage are leading to prolonged power cuts when the cold has already set in.

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The United Nations has been warning of a serious humanitarian crisis for some time as autumn progresses and especially once winter sets in. Millions of people, he warns, “are facing cuts and the lack of energy is also affecting the pumping of water.”

Extension to export cereals

On the positive side, and under the protection of the United Nations and also of Turkey, an agreement has been reached to extend for 120 days, that is, until spring, the export of Ukrainian grain. The one reached in July has already helped avert a global food crisis by allowing food and fertilizer to leave several Black Sea ports that had been blocked by invader.

The European Union has marked as priorities in its humanitarian aid to Ukraine the distribution of electric generators and assistance to repair local energy networks, as well as the preparation of shelters against the cold and medical assistance. The European Commissioner for Crisis Management, Janez Lenarcichas estimated the contribution to kyiv at 1,000 million euros since the start of the conflict in February.

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The humanitarian aspect, as well as diplomacy and the last hour on the front, have come back to the fore after long hours of tension over the missile that fell in Przewodow. Poland and NATO settled on Wednesday that he was ukrainian not russianconsidering the crisis closed and with it the dramatic possibility of a conflict on a global scale, but Volodimir Zelensky I think this is not over.

President contradicts its allies, also the United Statessays he remains convinced that the missiles were Russian and asked Ukraine a few hours ago for access to Ukrainian officials to investigate on the ground. Warsaw “sees no obstacles” and will let it be sohas confirmed his government.

Russia-Ukraine War



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