Russia Expands Nuclear Arsenal, Biden Expands Woke Arsenal


“Diversity, inclusion are tools for national defense”

The Woke Warfare Secretary has some thoughts on Russia’s expanding nuclear arsenal.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said Russia is “modernizing and expanding its nuclear arsenal” as it continues its invasion of Ukraine and Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened to use nuclear weapons in the conflict.

Austin spoke Friday at a ceremony for the new head of US Strategic Command (Stratcom), Anthony Cotton. The agency is responsible for strategic nuclear deterrence, nuclear operations, and missile defense. Cotton replaced Charles Richard, who had held the position since 2019 and retired on Friday.

Cotton, like Austin, is another professional victim who claims to be a victim of racist oppression, as I documented a while back.

“Here I am as a lieutenant general of the United States Air Force,” Lt. Gen. Anthony Cotton complained then. Air Force Magazine. “When I see what happened to Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, and the list goes on and on.”

“That could be me,” he stated.

Last year, Cotton asserted that “diversity and inclusion are tools of national defense” and that diversity is an “imperative of war.”

“This team is exactly what we’re looking for,” Cotton said of the Diversity and Inclusion Council at Malmstrom Air Force Base. “It is a diverse and unified team that is having crucial conversations about diversity and inclusion.”

Russia is not having crucial conversations about diversity and inclusion, but rather about building the biggest and deadliest arsenal possible to kill people.

Austin acknowledged several challenges facing Stratcom in the near future, including Russia’s expanding nuclear arsenal and China’s growing, modernizing and diversifying nuclear forces.

“And while the Kremlin continues its callous and unprovoked war of choice against Ukraine, the whole world has seen Putin engage in deeply irresponsible nuclear saber rattling,” he said.

“So make no mistake. Nuclear powers have a profound responsibility to avoid provocative behavior, reduce proliferation risk, and prevent escalation and nuclear war,” he continued.

It’s not the job of the secretary of defense to spout nonsense like this. That is the role of the State Department.

Austin should not lecture Putin on the responsibility of nuclear powers to prevent proliferation, but rather tell us that the United States has beaten Russia. It used to be the Euros that offered worthless virtues by pointing like this. Now our military commanders scold while unilaterally disarming.

Russia’s responsibility is both below and above Austin’s country grade. Instead of doing his job of building a deadlier army, he is making the army more useless and politically correct, and he urges Russia to do the same.

That’s not happening.

It is up to world leaders to decide how provocative they want to be. And it’s the defense people’s job to let them be as provocative as they choose to be. Biden has unilaterally surrendered and Austin is facilitating the surrender.


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