Russia breaks into houses in occupied Ukraine, forces people to vote in referendum


voting or violence.This is the background of this event Referendum in Russia in the territory it occupies in Ukraine and starts this Friday.The Russian army did not hesitate to call the polls by the most coercive means Donetsk and Luhansk, Donbass, Zaporozhye and Kherson. Their plan is to go door-to-door to force referendums.

The first measure was initially designed to convince those who had no intention of participating.The issue is Soldiers didn’t answer “no”. All are to allow more people to participate in illegal consultations without being recognized by the international community.

In addition to this, it must be added that the Ukrainian authorities have condemned Russian soldiers for establishing some kind of perimeter restriction in the area it intends to annex. As they promise, Moscow has banned leaving several areas of these territories Until the fourth and final day of the referendum, voting closes.

Later, it was the turn of these armed groups to ask people to vote.a request Between the threat of aggression and possible punishment Those who insist on refusing to do so. Relatives of Ukrainians living in these areas have also condemned the situation on Twitter and other networks.

Workers in occupied cities were also threatened.Although the consultation has no legal force and is only welcomed in Russia, the employees have If they don’t participate, they will be fired. This constitutes a scenario based on the intimidation of those who are not represented by the Russians in the two regions of the Donbass, which are considered to be mainly pro-Russian, and the other two after the Russian invasion began in February Ukraine was later occupied.

Pro-Russian soldiers armed with assault rifles don’t hesitate to knock on citizens’ doors, as can be seen in videos posted on various Ukraine-related Telegram channels.In these recordings you can see how Soldiers climb the stairs of some buildings Accompanying citizens who have voted. When they left, other civilians were forced to participate in the process of annexing the territories to the Kremlin.

In Ukraine they “pass” the vote

Ukrainians unsympathetic to the Kremlin if Russia hadn’t used this threatening tactic to get more votes in the referendum There will be no collective voting. This was confirmed by Ukrainian intelligence sources, who stressed that the local population “ignored” them.

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A few words corresponding to Andrei Yusov, an intelligence officer in the government of Volodímir Zelenski, who, in a statement to CNN, condemned the Russians”They brought people from Crimea by bus” Vote.

This isn’t the only breach the Ukrainian military has uncovered.According to Russian documents, the Kremlin will organize an installation People under 18 are allowed to vote in Donetsk and other regions. In order to legitimize the numerous violations, these young people must be accompanied by their parents or guardians for their votes to be valid.

[Vladímir Putin dirige a sus generales en Ucrania y provoca el enfado entre los oficiales por las derrotas]

Another characteristic of a process of complete rejection in the West. Even so, pro-Russian authorities in Ukraine celebrated the start of the vote. historical facts” This only happens in different centuries.

Russian estimates suggest there will be hundreds of thousands of votes in different regions. In Kherson, the number of participants will reach 750,000. According to Russian authorities, there will be 500,000 Zaporozhye people. Everyone involved must answer this question”Are you in favor of the region leaving Ukraine, creating an independent state and becoming part of Russia? “.

Russian-Ukrainian War



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