Russia bombs strategic areas of Ukraine: airfields, powder depots and hundreds of infrastructure


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Isolate Ukraine with bombing National strategic area. This is Vladimir Putin’s goal, he declared war on Ukraine As he said, protect the people “Abuse and Genocide” Eight years of Ukrainian government “demilitarization and de-Nazification” from the country.

To this end, Russia’s offensive has been defined and has begun military deployments in eastern Ukraine, especially in the Donbas region.bombing Artillery, Heavy Equipment and High Precision Weapons Strategic regions of Ukraine have been targeted, such as Airports, weapons and ammunition depots, and energy and communications facilitiesto reduce Ukraine’s ability to respond and isolate the country.

destroyed airport

Multiple Russian missiles have been targeted For airports and airports from of the pair Ukraine Ivano-Frankivsk Airport, Causes a strong explosion, making it inoperable.

Russia also launched Missiles outside Kiev. In this case, the target is the dozens of fighter jets stationed in the area, especially in International Airport Boryspil and the army Antonovhas been bombed.

In fact, the Russian Ministry of Defense has confirmed that it is using “Precision Weapon” Military infrastructure, air defense installations, military airfields and Ukrainian military aircraft are banned.

[Siga en directo la última hora del ataque de Rusia en Ucrania]

Ukraine has placed an order This close its airspace After the start of Russia’s military campaign in the country. In addition, it has closed all airports in eastern Ukraine, including Kharkiv, Zaporia and Dnipro airports, all of which have been attacked by Russia.

nearest to Kiev, such as in Antonov, in Hostomel, It was completely destroyed by the Russian army.Its situation is strategic for Russians and Ukrainians because it is Only 15 minutes away from the main roads around Kiev. everything points to Kiev will fall into Russian hands this afternoon.

Explosives and Weapons Store

Another target of the Russian army is Gunpowder, Dynamite and Weapons Store. tens of Barracks and warehouses in major cities such as Kiev, Lutsk, Dnipro, Kharkov and Mariupol were destroyed in this targeted bombing.

For example, the Ukrainian army Lutsk Located 138 kilometers northeast of Lviv, it has been destroyed.The same thing happens in Kherson, In northern Crimea, the entire military column of the Ukrainian army was destroyed.


Targeted bombing also targets various infrastructurewhether it is energy production or communication, whether the way as a cut Internet and phone.

russian army destroyed hydroelectric power plant kakhovkaon the Dnieper River.

There are other energy production centers and their infrastructure, including wiring.

There are already some areas in eastern Ukraine phone isolation And the Internet network doesn’t work in many ways.


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