Russia arrests eight in Crimea bridge attack, blames Ukrainian government


Russia investigation Bomb attack on Crimea bridge Eight people have been arrested. This was announced by Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB, ex-KGB) on Wednesday.

They are five Russian citizens, two Armenians and one Ukrainian. A total of 12 people were involved in the attack on the bridge, which Russian authorities have confirmed, the FSB said in a statement. Described as an “act of terror”“Currently within the framework of the investigation, five Russian citizens and three Ukrainian and Armenian citizens involved in the preparation of the crime have been detained.”

According to the FSB, the attack on the infrastructure was organized by the Intelligence Service. Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, your manager, Kirill Budanovand their proxies.

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“The explosive device is hidden in polyethylene rolls for construction contained in 22 pallets with a total weight of 22,770 kg,” the statement said, adding that the shipment arrived from a Ukrainian port in early August Odessa For tricky Bulgarian, in Danube.

According to the FSB, the cargo was transported from Ruse to the Georgian port of Poti on the Black Sea, and from there by road to Armeniawhere he completed customs formalities Eurasian Economic Unionled by Russia.

A couple kisses in front of a burning painting on Kerch Bridge.


since Armenia The consignment, which was loaded with explosives, passed through Georgia again and entered Russia through the Georgian Pass on October 4. Vergeny Lars On the 6th, it was unloaded at a wholesale center in Armaville.

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The statement added that on October 7, the cargo documents were forged and identified a company that did not exist in Crimea as the consignee of the cargo, and the next day, when the truck carrying the cargo drove over the bridge, it detonated.

According to the FSB, all tracking of the route of the explosive-laden cargo and contact with the participants of the operation was carried out by an agent of the Intelligence Service. Ministry of Defense of Ukrainehe called himself “Ivan Ivanovich”

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