Russia arrests a dangerous hacking group REvil while the country is accused of attacking Ukraine

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Russia takes cybercrime seriously after being accused of cybercrime Invasion of the Ukrainian government. Russia’s State Intelligence Service FSB Arrests Several REvil Members Friday The most persecuted cybercriminal group in the world. The gang specializes in ransomware attacks, and using this technique, they will receive more than $200 million in extortion revenue.

The Revil Group has been credited for a long list of computer attacks such as by JBS, one of the largest meat suppliers in the United States. The extent of the group’s influence over many companies and institutions in the West has led the U.S. government to demand stronger measures from Russia.

This is Russia’s first public action against one of the country’s leading ransomware groups.However, some experts warn that such an intervention Possibly a Kremlin maneuver Cleaning up their international profile after being accused of attacking several official websites in Ukraine possibility of military invasion It seems imminent.

Revell’s arrest

In your ad, FSB means The investigation was prompted by an “appeal by U.S. authorities.”White House sources believe one of eight detainees responsible for ransomware attack Colonial pipeline, although in principle it is attributed to the DarkSide group.

Ruslan Khansvyarov, REvil hacker arrested in Russia



Moscow Tver District Court released Preventive detention until March next year For the eight detainees charged with the crime of illegal circulation of means of payment typical of the second part of Article 187 of the Russian Criminal Code. During the arrest, 426 million rubles ($5.6 million) were seized, in addition to $600,000, 500,000 euros, as well as computer equipment and 20 luxury cars.

In exchange for cracking their digital services, REvil hackers demanded large sums of money from these companies. They demand between $45,000 and $5 million per infected computer.The exact number of companies attacked is unknown, but IT companyKaseya There are an estimated 800 to 1,500 victims, including many customers in the summer of 2021, when the hackers carried out a massive attack and then disappeared for several months.

If they don’t pay, there is a risk that their data will be deleted or posted on the internet. Many companies were unable to maintain their business activities while trying to respond to an attack, and the process of restoring systems and databases using backup copies took days or weeks, aggravated the economic loss of many entrepreneursJoshua Justice, owner of JustTech, explained: “I’ve had adults crying out to me in person and on the phone asking if their business will continue.”

advertising strategy

REvil, which had been hidden for part of the summer, resumed operations in September.After returning, the band fall into a trap They have coordinated several countries and warned of his return by opening their servers. This happened in October, but only now has Russia managed to stop them.

By then, the White House had sent several messages to Russia asking for greater involvement in the fight against cybercrime.Biden administration claims to be ‘building a international coalition to hold states accountable harbouring ransomware agents,” countries like Russia and China.

For this reason, the band’s arrest appears to be related to The biggest tension between the West and RussiaThe arrests came the same day the U.S. government warned Russia that it “will pay a price” if it is confirmed to be behind the cyberattack on Ukraine and the blocking of several official websites.

exist statement NBCCavin Wilde, a geopolitical analyst and Russia expert at the Krebs Stamos Group, said he seemed strategic motivation“The FSB is known to carry out massive, ostentatious arrests for its national propaganda value.” Russia currently denies any involvement in the attack on Ukraine.

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