Russia approves nuclear cooperation deal with Morocco


The Russian government has approved a cooperation agreement between Moscow and Rabat in the peaceful use of nuclear energy, which affects at least 14 fields, according to Russia’s TASS news agency.

so, Russia will assist Morocco in building and improving infrastructure Nuclear energy, the design and construction of nuclear reactors, as well as desalination plants and particle accelerators.It also means Serving Morocco in the field of the fuel cyclespent and radioactive nuclear fuel, and waste management.

Likewise, in the Maghreb countries Nuclear power plant personnel will be trainedthe personnel of the public agency responsible for regulating nuclear and radiation safety will be retrained: the National Centre for Nuclear Energy, Science and Technology (CNESTEN).

factory building

Several Moroccan media published that, following the agreement, a nuclear power plant will be built in the country. Sources consulted by EL ESPAÑOL indicate that it will be located in the northeastern region of the country, bordering Algeria and close to Melilla.

trade Negotiated by state company Rosatom, the nuclear complex regulator commissioned by the Russian Foreign Ministry. It brings together more than 350 nuclear companies and R&D institutions operating in the civilian and defense sectors. They provide comprehensive nuclear services worldwide, such as enrichment of uranium for nuclear waste disposal. To be precise, Russia will help Morocco in the exploration and development of uranium mines and the research on the mineral resource base of neighboring countries.

Algeria and Russia to test counterterrorism tactics in Sahara desert near Morocco

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishostin On October 11, the decree of the Moscow government was signed, released Wednesday. The agreements were signed in Rabat on the same day five years ago, in 2017.

During the visit of the then Russian Prime Minister Dimitri Medvedev, the two sides signed 11 cooperation agreements in the fields of customs, agriculture, military, diplomacy, administration, commerce, culture, as well as energy efficiency, renewable energy and peaceful use of energy . nuclear energy.

upcoming six years

The two countries began to reconcile in March 2016, when King Mohammed VI visited Moscow and signed 16 cooperation agreements in the fields of agriculture, energy and culture. Morocco adopted a strategy in 2014 to diversify its international partners away from being less reliant on the European Union to powers such as Russia and China. Furthermore, it coincides with the return of Russian diplomacy to North Africa.

However, this Wednesday Morocco votes for resolution condemning annexation Russia from the provinces of Ukraine. The text was supported by 143 countries, with only five voting against it (Russia, Belarus, Nicaragua, North Korea and Syria) and 35 abstentions, including China and Algeria.

Morocco has been absent from a UN General Assembly resolution condemning Russian military intervention since the war between Russia and Ukraine began. Rabat’s firmer stance came weeks before the Security Council adopted the resolution on Western Sahara.



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