Russia already training 200,000 reservists as it withdraws from Kherson and threatens nuclear test


Every setback the Russian military suffered on the battlefield was accompanied by an increase in the Russian army nuclear rhetoric. This weekend, after Kyiv took over Liman’s Control and defile illegal merger Kremlin seizes four Ukrainian provinces Belgorod submarineaccording to NATO, equipped with Poseidon nuclear missiles.

On the same Tuesday, the Russian army recently Donetsk and Khersonseveral photos of large convoys transporting military vehicles and equipment that can carry nuclear weapons to Ukraine have begun to come to light.

According to defense analysts Conrad Muzkathe train belongs to the 12th General Directorate of the Russian Ministry of Defense “responsible for nuclear munitions and their storage, maintenance, transport and delivery to the troops”.

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At least that’s how he explained it era, British newspapers ensure The Atlantic Alliance has warned its members Vladimir Putin Be ready to prove your will use weapons of mass destruction with younuclear test on the Ukrainian border.

In light of this information, White House press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre said:There is no reason to adjust the nuclear postureand “there is no indication that Russia is preparing for the immediate use of atomic weapons,” according to Reuters.

For its part, the Kremlin denied He plans to use this type of weapon, but the Russian president also did say he is more than willing to use it to protect his new borders, which include territory where the Ukrainians are wreaking havoc.

On Monday, the resistance managed to infiltrate without further action Luhansk Region, the only annexation entirely under Russian control.At the same time, the Ukrainians broke through the line and remained virtually stationary for several months in Kherson in the south (where Russian troops were located) forced to retreat Facing the Ukrainian counterattack.

The Kremlin acknowledged this on Tuesday, though not explicitly.The Russian Ministry of Defense in its daily briefing video He did not speak of failure or a “strategic withdrawal,” But on maps used to mark “special operations” situations, the shaded area showing Russian military control is much smaller than the day before.

Source: ISW, UK Ministry of Defence, New York Times, self-explanation

This assumes that Kyiv will try to replace the Russian defense line on the right bank of the Dnieper 25 kilometers south, Reconquer the city of Duchani.According to Ukrainian authorities, southern advance is targeting supply lines 25,000 Russian soldiersif Zelensky’s forces managed to destroy all the bridges and temporary passages connecting one coast to the other, it could be completely isolated.

It was a heavy blow to Putin’s soldiers, Moral and Physical Sinking, they desperately tried to establish a new line of defense while waiting for reinforcements.The surge front is precisely one of them main and most urgent The goal of the Moscow government.

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That’s why, just 15 days later Partial mobilization announced by the Russian president 300,000 Russian reservists Nearly 200,000 citizens have been trained in the armed forces to fight in Ukraine.

This was announced by the Secretary of Defense, Sergei Shoiguthrough his Telegram account, he has said High-ranking official They provide uniforms and equipment for recruits. “The whole unit is already practicing 80 training camps and 6 centerswith detailed instructions.

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