Rudy Baldwin gives predictions for 2023 (SEE)


Here are Rudy Baldwin’s predictions for 2023

RUDY BALDWIN – The fortune teller gave her prediction for the year 2023.

A prediction is a statement about information or an event that will occur in the future. Often, but not always, they are based on knowledge or experience.

Because future events are inherently uncertain, it is impossible to know the future with absolute certainty. Predicting future events can be helpful when planning for possible changes.

One of the most popular fortune tellers on the internet is Rudy Baldwin. Recently, he gave his prediction for the year 2023.

According to her, 2023 is the year of bad karma. In her first prediction, crime would be prevalent among law enforcement. Baldwin also predicted that there will be many earthquakes in different parts of the country, as well as volcanic eruptions.

He added that the year 2023 will have too much drought. He also warned the public to be aware of climate change. According to Rudy Baldwin, there will be a part of the country that will experience a “rain of fire”. Baldwin said that Pampanga will also have a very dry season.

Watch Rudy Baldwin’s predictions for 2023 in the video below:

Meanwhile, Jay Costura, the “Nostradamus of the Philippines”, previously gave his prediction for 2023. According to him, there will be: “sakit na makakaapekto sa utak at pagkawala sa sarili”, “mga sunod-sunod na pagdakip”, “sobrang init na mararamdaman sa buong mundo at sa Pilipinas” and “batang ipinanganak na may baliktad na krus ang itsura”.

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