Royal conclave in Buckingham: Camila Parker dazzles in her most anticipated event despite absences


It could be said that November 29 was one of the most anticipated dates for Camila Parker-Bowles in her new journey as Queen consort of the United Kingdom. And it is that, it has been during this same day when the wife of King Carlos III has acted as the perfect hostess of a conclave of royals for a good cause, which has been held at Buckingham Palace. The reason is none other than a act focused on the fight against violence against womenwhich is why most of the women of the planet’s monarchies have not wanted to miss the event and have been seen in the company of the former daughter-in-law of Elizabeth II.

Camila Parker-Bowles at an event in Buckingham

For such a special occasion in her new stage at the head of the English Crown, Camila Parker has shown off her stylistic taste, although without risking too much. That is why she has opted for a White midi-cut dress with detail on the neck, which has been combined with tall black boots in the same tone, which are a trend in recent weeks in all corners of the planet. In addition, and how could it be otherwise, the daughter-in-law of the Duke of Edinburgh has been able to deliver a speech that has been supported by her guests, who have later posed next to her to leave a “royal” stamp for the memory.

Camila Parker-Bowles with Mary from Denmark, Matilde from Belgium, Sophie from Wessex and Rania from Jordan / Gtres
Camila Parker-Bowles with Mary from Denmark, Matilde from Belgium, Sophie from Wessex and Rania from Jordan

Who has also opted for the black color and some discreet ruffles on the shoulders has been matilda from belgium. The wife of Felipe from Belgium did not want to miss an appointment in which she has remained with her best smile, something that she has also done Rania from Jordan, with a groundbreaking dress in different shades of purple and a surprising yellow stripe in the middle. Following this trend, mary from denmark She has also wanted to use purple as a symbol of female empowerment, thus demonstrating that she is perfectly prepared to act as a consort when Queen Margaret hands over her reign to her eldest son, the now Crown Prince Federico.

Camila Parker-Bowles at an event in Buckingham / Gtres
Camila Parker-Bowles at an event in Buckingham

However, it should be noted that there have been two major absences at the event in question. Bearing in mind that this afternoon the Cerecedo Journalism Awards are being held in Madrid, Queen Letizia has not had the opportunity to travel to London to meet again with the rest of the consorts and monarchs of Europe and surroundings. And it is that these awards are very special for the wife of King Felipe, especially knowing her past as a journalist before entering the Royal Family due to her commitment to the then Prince of Asturias. Secondly, Máxima from the Netherlands has not been able to travel to the British capital either for a reason very similar to that of Doña Letizia, that is, agenda issues such as the delivery of the Erasmus Prize.


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