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Holland Yes United States face off in the first round of the round of 16 Qatar 2022 World Cup. At stake is a ticket among the eight best in the world. Two teams that have reached this stage unbeaten, with two and one victory respectively, solid behind and with very clear ideas to move forward. Follow live online minute by minute the Round of 16 of the World Cup in Qatar 2022 live with the odds and goals.

Netherlands v USA, live

Min 38 – The Netherlands risk very little

When it’s the Netherlands who have the ball, they move and move the ball but don’t try to take a lot of risks. The result is worth it and they hope the United States will propose. The cons, a weapon they want to exploit.

Min 34 – Holland well established

It costs the world for the United States to generate danger. He has the ball but he doesn’t go deep, he doesn’t find areas where he can scare the Netherlands. Individuals must introduce themselves.

Min 26 – More difficulties for USA

Little by little, the United States regained control, very demanding in terms of pressure when they too lost it. But now they have the Netherlands up front who have gained confidence and can play with the score in their favor.

Min 21 – First Memphis!

Van Dijk has been looking for Memphis for a long time, the central defender who covers him trusts himself with the dribble and the striker wins the position and he does not think about it, he hits him first inside the box. The ball does not catch the goal.

Min 18 – High Blind!

What a break Memphis gives the Netherlands. Counter now that Blind finishes with an insecure shot that goes high.

Min 15 – Holland settles down

The Netherlands had not even approached the surface in the first 10 minutes, but this game so well put together by the whole team and which Memphis took care of transforming into a goal changed the scenario. calmer the Orangewho now has the ball against the nerves of the United States.


The first elaborate and meaningful game from the Netherlands that finds itself in the boots of a Memphis Depay who does not fail from inside the box. It was Dumfries who looked for the penalty spot where the Dutch number 10 entered to beat the USA on their first chance: 1-0.

Min 7 – American Domain

It seems that the control of the game belongs to the United States in these early stages of the game. The Americans want the ball and they are not letting the Netherlands play at the moment, still in the game.


Serious error from the Dutchman, who does not draw the line well and leaves Pulisic completely alone, who controls the small area and shoots one-on-one against Noppert but it is the Dutchman who wins the one-on-one.

Min 1 – The match begins!

Rolling the ball in the round of 16 of the World Cup in Qatar 2022. First ball for the Netherlands.

The hymns are playing!

The anthems of the Netherlands and the United States are already playing in this first game of the Round of 16 of the World Cup in Qatar 2022. Both teams on the pitch.

Memphis vs. Pulisic

At the attacking level, the factors of production of Memphis and Pulisic are essential for both the Netherlands and the United States. These are the two men to watch today.

American composition!

Here’s how the United States come out for these round of 16: Turner; Robinson, Ream, Zimmerman, Dest; Musah, Adams, McKennie; Pulisic, Ferreira and Weah.

The composition of the Netherlands!

We already have the Dutch line-up for these round of 16: Noppert; Wood, Van Dijk, Ake; Dumfries, De Roon, De Jong, Blind; Klaassen; Gakpo and Memphis.

Welcome to the Netherlands – USA!

Good evening! Welcome to this first crossover of the Qatar 2022 World Cup round of 16 which pits the Netherlands against the United States for first place in the quarter-finals. The final phase and its playoffs begin and it is all or nothing, half measures are no longer valid, nor draws, only one can pass.

Holland arrives without knowing the defeat although it was not the roller that one could expect from it. He had to solve his first match against Senegal in the final phase for this first victory (2-0). Against Ecuador they saw the worst minutes of the Orange, added a point but Ecuador deserved much more in this 1-1. Against Qatar, another 2-0 to go first in these quarter-finals. They revolve around Frenkie de Jong and the very interesting appearance of Cody Gakpo on the attacking front. The PSV striker has scored three goals in three games.

After two draws against Wales and England, USA played to the death in their last game against Iran and that’s where they delivered. Matched match against the Asians but much more inspired on the offensive level. The goal of Pulisic, the soul of the Americans, was decisive for them to be in this final phase of the playoffs.


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